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“Doing The Right Thing” + On The First Contact Will Help A Company Prosper

cmslogoAt Prosper, we know that the first contact  with our students or customers  is the most important things in customer service. We want that contact to be successful   having our Representative being prepared and knowing  the programs and helping the students feel the value  of  their education

“…Customer service statisticians have found that solving an issue during the first contact (as opposed to over the course of two, three, or more contacts) saves time, money, and increases customer satisfaction in the long run…”(First Contact Resolution-Service Untitled )

I love working for a company that uses systems that make it easier for our frontline to resolve issues.

Devin Willis



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25+ Tools For Accounting and Budgeting from Mashable!

one of our Prosper financial students , James B sent the below resources to me . I wanted to share it with you!

There are a growing number of online services dedicated to helping users manage their finances. There are many benefits to using these accounting applications, they can simplify the process as well as help you find ways to save money.  Here are 25+ tools for accounting and budgeting both personal and business finances. Helps you see exactly where your money is going and tries to find money you are losing in “hidden” fees and expenditures. – A shared accounting system designed with non-profit groups and Greek organizations in mind. – Allows you to easily share expenses with others by creating receipts for one another and having them delivered via RSS. – A unique accounting system that helps roommates pool their expenses and then divide them while keeping track of who owes money to bill collectors or other roommates. – An accounting system specifically for people living together that need to split bills.  Has an old school ASCII feel to its graphics. System for keeping track of projects and plans for friends, groups and organizations For more click here

Also, see  the Top 100 Blogs to watch in 2007


25+ Tools For Accounting and Budgeting— by Sean P. AuneMashable!

Mashable!: 25+ Tools For Accounting and Budgeting-Best of the Best: Tech Blog Roundup-NewsFactor Network.

The Best of Web 2.0 FINANCE-The Top Finance-related Web 2.0- “All Things Web 2.0″

PFBlogs.Org – If you are looking for personal finance blogs, start with PFBlogs.Org. They are tracking and aggregating over 1100 blogs on the subject of personal finance

The Finwikian -it’s a great resource for finding out more about your favorite personal finance blogger.  Registered users can edit entries.

Blogging Away Debt: Tricia and my husband  share in  detail and chronicle the transformation of the  personal,  financial life, including the repayment of tons of credit card debt, …We can learn so much from them….


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Over 100 Useful Resources for Entrepreneurs

. There are many resources online and I wanted to to share this valuble information. It is from Adnan who, is still in high school and I believe we he be doing great things soon!

As longtime entrepreneurs Ethan Willis and Randy Garn have  run Prosper Inc. with one simple objective: to celebrate its success of others!

Let me share some of Adnan’s list for you:

Communications / VoIP

The internet brings great opportunities to do business all with people from all around the world, and fortunately there are also a number of resources to help with the communication that is necessary. The resources here will allow you to communicate inexpensively with others:

    1. Skype – Free calls over the internet to other people on Skype for as long as you like.
    2. Vonage – Leading provider of VoIP internet broadband telephone services.
    3. Gizmo – Low cost international calling and free calls to users on Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Windows Live users and SIP networks.
    4. Vonics Digital – Plans start at $12.99 per month.
    5. VoipBuster – Free program that uses the latest technology to bring free and high-quality voice communications to people all over the world.
    6. SunISP – VoIP Plans

Finding Funding

Many entrepreneurs will need some type of funding for their ventures. If this is the case for you, these resources may be helpful. Locating potential funding sources can be a bit easier be taking advantage of the resources that are available:

1. GoBigNetwork – Angel investor network/venture capital.
2. Fundability – Puts your company in front of qualified and interested investors.
3. Find That Money – Formidable presence in consumer finance.
4. Venture Deal – Venture capital database.
5. American Capital Advance – Fast Business Loans.
6. Financing: Where to Find It

For the full list click here


Devin Willis


101 Useful Resources for Online Entrepreneurs March 10th, 2008 ·

10 Social Networks for Entrepreneurs -May 13th, 2008 ·

Gaebler VenturesResources for Entrepreneursassembled some great resources for entrepreneurs and are constantly updating our entrepreneurial resources so check back frequently.(


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Get More Done In A Day:Work Smarter

“Get More Done In A Day: Making the Most of Your Time”

“Everyone has it, but nobody has enough of it.”

Time is probably your most valuable asset. How valuable it really is depends on what you do with it. Everyone has same amount. Today’s most successful business people often spend no more time at their work than then average American. The difference is how effective they are with the time they are given.

Like so many other things in life, the solution to this problem depends entirely on your mindset. And while there is no foolproof formula for squeezing more out of your daily 24 hours, we offer up this selection of tips and techniques for working smarter and faster, without sacrificing important personal and family time.

Write it down-The first step in discovering where your time went is simply locating where you put it. You can do this with a time log.

Work smarter.It’s a cliché: “Work smarter, not harder.” But like most clichés, this one is often overlooked. So what does it mean to work smarter?

After writing it down , It means studying a task, looking for ways to accomplish it more efficiently. Maybe it’s as simple as using more efficient software. Perhaps it’s using a more effective filing system in your office.

Stop stressing about what you need to do. That doesn’t mean throw away your “to-do” list. It means rather than wasting time thinking about getting what you have to do, simply do it! The more you think about “what I need to do,” the more excuses you’ll find to put it off. Just pick a task and get to work. Before you know it, you’ll be ready for the next, and the next. Soon you’ll realize that you’ve accomplished a lot more than you would have by simply thinking about the things that needed doing. And you’ll be happier in the process!

Make your mornings count.
You’ve probably noticed that your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. Some days you may roll out of bed with too little sleep or motivation to jump right into work. Unfortunately, that circumstance will carry over throughout the workday, leading to procrastination and lower productivity. Conversely, starting your day on the right foot can make a world of difference in what you accomplish.

Getting enough sleep is critical to starting your day off right. Be sure to plan to get to bed early enough to wake up refreshed in the morning.

Know Your Priorities.-Think about what’s important. Is it catching the latest episode of CSI? Or is it achieving success? Sometimes, when people are truly honest with themselves, they realize that their real priorities are activities that don’t contribute to what’s most important.

Let Go of Negativity-Nothing takes the wind from our sails like negative thinking. Unfortunately, many of us hold ourselves back from achieving our goals with thoughts like, “This is taking too long,” or “Maybe I’m not up to this.” What we tell ourselves has a great impact on how we perform. For more see  Get More Done In A Day: Making the Most of Your Time

More Resources:

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Reevaluate and Recommit-Accomplish Your GoalsProsper Learning (Prosper, Inc)


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One of my Favorite Blogs, The Entrepreneurial Mind Will Join Several Others

One of my favorite Blogs, The Entrepreneurial Mind will join several others in the Business and Finance Blog Network, comprised of a community of pre-screened, influential business and financial blogs.


Resource: to Launch Business and Finance Blog NetworkPosted Mar 25, 2008

The Entrepreneurial Mind Blog-

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Recycle Your Old Books

 I found these helpful tips  at ;0) The state “….you have any old books that you never plan on reading again, here are some fun ways to recycle them:

1. Hide stuff in your hollowed out book.
Read tips on how to hollow books with a ruler, pen, box cutter, and Elmer’s white glue.

2. Make Book Bookends.
Learn how to turn an old textbook into a bookend.

3. Create an invisible book shelf.
Learn how to stack books on your wall without any shelves.

4. Turn a book into a clock.
If you have a book cover you really like, learn how to turn it into a clock.

5. Make a lamp shade out of a book. 
Easy way to convert a book into a lamp shade.

6. Turn a book into an iPod case.
Go ahead and stick your headphones into that book. I’m not kidding.

7. Make table legs out of books.
Any English Major or grad student has probably countless books stashed in their bookshelves or closet. Learn how to make a table out of books.

8. Make a Lift-the-Flap Book for Toddlers
Kids love board books — especially lift-the-flap books. Learn how to make one as a creative gift for that next baby shower or birthday party.

9. Trade your old books for new books. 
There are a variety of websites that let you trade books.  Check out,, and

10. Set a good book free with
Over 680,000 people in over 130 countries have decided to let a favorite book go free. You simply register your book – leave it at a favorite coffee shop or wherever – and track its progress. Learn more at…..” see 10 Creative Ways to Recycle Old Books  June 11th, 2008

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