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Escape Stressful News of “America’s out of control, drowning in debt”By Learning Pirate Talk!

Pirate Talk!

I was talking with a student after training and he shared  that his kids were teaching him Pirate, so for fun I searched online. I found a fun translation applications via MashableStan Schroeder wrote  the following on the subject of English to Pirate translation:

And some say that all this Web 2.0 business is a useless waste of time. How else would I even know that it’s the International Talk Like a Pirate Day if it weren’t for Facebook, who added a new translation (English (Pirate)) to their Translations application, or FriendFeed, which has turned into an eye-patched FrrrriendFeed for the time being?

Talk Like A Pirate Day was founded in 1995,  September 19 -by two guys from Oregon. It hit mainstream acceptance two years ago thanks to syndicated humor columnist, Dave Barry. He wrote an article about the concept, it was read by millions of people, and now people are adding a few pirate-y words to their daily conversations to add some much needed zest. Think of it as Sweetest Day, without the Hallmark card requirement. Just say “Arrr, ye ” but I think Pirate Day could be anyday

I plan on having a family activity and have a Pirate Day this Monday! This would be a break from all this stressful news that has been bombarding us lately “America’s out of control, drowning in debt” (for at least one  day.) For  more positive and good stories visit Good News Network


Take Care,

Devin Willis

Interesting Resources:

Everyone Talks Like a Pirate Today by Stan Schroeder- via Mashable

Get Your Sea Legs September 18th, 2007-posted by: JenniferBRAINSONFIRE

Arrrrr! Talk like a pirate — or prepare to be boarded-Dave BarryMiami Herald– Posted on Sun, Sep. 08, 2002


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Good News Network + Happy News.com + Its A Good Day.org = A Great Day!!!!!

We all know the  news, and it’s barrage of negative  stories that are thrown at each of us from all over the world every day, sometimes it a feels there are rarely a good story seen. However relax and enjoy the below resources and you will realize there are many many feel good stories out there!

Good News Network-has been around since 1997. They state

Since 1997, people have turned to the Good News Network for positive news stories to balance the negativity they receive daily in the news.

  • Fact 1: The U.S. homicide rate dropped in the 1990’s by 42 percent, but network news coverage of murders jumped more than 700 percent. (Center for Media and Public Affairs)
  • Fact 2: People are turning away from mainstream news. On a weekday evening, less than 25 percent of the homes nationwide tune in to ABC, CBS and NBC news — combined. And, newspaper readership is declining steadily.
  • Fact 3: Young people are learning how positive material can directly affect performance and happiness. A positive psychology course at Harvard is the most popular class on campus with around 850 students enrolled. (Resource – )

HappyNews.comWith an army of citizen journalists ,  the editors and other contributors of HappyNews.com make their mission. They find good  and happy news and present it to all of us, to lighten the load and lift your mood. (also see  Happynews.com, Where the Beat Is Always Up By Paul FarhiWashington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, September 24, 2005; Page C01)

ItsAGoodDay.org. All their videos are filtered by a human eye to ensure that the site will be “a place where visitors may come to be uplifted, inspired, motivated and where they will feel comfortable with all the content” contained on the site.

Positive News Network Their goal “provides you with   motivational quotes, inspiring stories from around the world. We are also dedicated to finding and supporting others who are producing Positive News.”

Have a fantastic day!

Devin Willis

Other  Resources

Motivational Posters I believe every person should have positive, inspirational images and quotes on display. There is a lot to be said for subliminal communication. You will some stunning pictures and inspirational quotes here. In my gym we have some of these images.

Overcoming Negative Thoughts Is A Key To Success-August 2, 2008 by prosperstudentcare

Only-Positive-News.com– I love their vision “Empowering People for a Better World” and  they provide  ” an alternative news service that provides positive news updates and inspiring stories from around the world.”

Adam Bender Inspired Me + We Need More Heroes like Him!-August 13, 2008 by prosperstudentcare


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