BIGLIST of SEM and SEO blogs to increase learning and growing!


I for one can not get enough  information about search education  everyday! My  fix  is (drum roll):BIGLIST of SEM and SEO blogs!” A huge list of more than 400 search SEO  and marketing blogs, updated every second Friday.!.

Here is a small sample of greatness:

“10e20 – Chris Winfield and team blog about search marketing, social media and design.
11Marketing Blog – The team at a Vancouver BC based social media consulting agency blog mostly on social media and offer a social network marketing ebook.
123 Social Media – Barry Hurd promises to educate business professionals on how to maximize the best in online marketing and technology.
3net Search Engine Marketing Blog – Online marketing articles on blogs / blogging, internet advertising, search engine marketing, social media, and web design / development.
5 Star Affiliate Programs Blog – Linda Buquet blogs about affiliate marketing, contextual advertising and marketing online.
97th Floor SEO Blog – Chris Bennett and Mat Siltala of 97th Floor offer up their personal insights on search marketing which is refreshing as there are plenty of “SEM news” blogs out there already. The blog is well optimized and integrated into the main web site and likely contributes as an effective lead generation tool…”

For the rest of this list click here

Humbly submitted,

Devin Willis


BIGLIST of Search Marketing BlogsOnline Marketing Blog

The Power 150—Created by: Todd Andrlik
Managed by: Charlie Moran



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