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“Prosper Learning” + Starfish Story=Making a Difference

The Starfish and Our Student/Customer


While walking along a beach after a particularly high tide, a man noticed a boy picking up starfish after starfish and throwing them back into the sea. When he neared the youngster, he asked, “What are you doing?”

“These starfish will die if they don’t get back into the water,” the boy replied as he hurriedly continued his work.”

“There are thousands of starfish on this beach,” the man said. “Nothing you can do can possibly make a difference.”

The boy held out the starfish he had just picked up. “It makes a difference to this one,” he said and threw it into the ocean.

Like these starfish, there are more students and customers in desperate need than any one of us could possibly hope to make happy or reach 100%. Their numbers are daunting, causing many of us to resign ourselves to the notion that nothing we can do can have any real impact on a problem of such magnitude. And if solving these problems and trying to make every person happy is the goal, they are right. But our the focus is on touching individual lives and you have a team to help you ;0). Some may think what we do may not significantly effect the world’s problems, but if one more person is much happier because you helped him/her with downloadable book or change of a coach. That would mean one less problem, if everyone helped perhaps the world would be a better place? It has a ripple effect (please read about in the success stories) .

But ,we know it makes a difference to each one of those students that you touched for the better.thumbs.jpg

Presented by Devin Willis



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Article Highlights Life-Changing Prosper Learning Education

Changing lives, One Student At A Time

I love the article  that was selected to appear in the August 2006 issue of the national magazine, U.S. Business Review in an article entitled “Investing in Tomorrow”.

The article thoroughly outlined the reasons for Prosper, Inc. students’ success and portrayed the vision of Prosper, Inc. as a company . It also covered  the vision for  our employees and leaders;0) The article stated ,

“After pioneering its own niche in the post-secondary education market, Prosper Inc. has positioned itself as an organization devoted to helping individuals achieve success in the business world through its customized courses…[T]he company is a valuable asset for individuals hoping to fulfill their potential and further their careers through return-on-investment-based learning systems.”

Ethan Willis, CEO and President of Prosper, Inc. said, “This is a rewarding article because it talks about the success of our students as well as the integrity and abilities of our employees here at Prosper.”

In the article Ethan, whom I call my young brother and friend  stated   he “believes the company’s most valuable assets are its employees..”

Humbly Posted

Devin Willis


Investing in Tomorrow By Kate Burrows Tuesday, 15 August 2006 –


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Will Students “Stay Home” For Thier Education ?

More students study by online learning as gas prices soar -According to  the news these days, students can and many apparently want to stay home, go to class and save money on gas and other related expenses — all at the same time.   One student  Christy LaBadie , in an article is taking her first online distance learning class this summer. “The reason I did it is because of the current gas prices,” LaBadie, 30, said recently. “For me to drive to Bethlehem or even Tannersville would cost me so much more,” she said, referring to the Northampton and Monroe county campuses of the college.”

How does this relate to us? well,  we are  starting  to see the growth within our own student body here at Prosper;0) See other resource quoted Online Learning Update

I love helping people and I hope times will get better.

Devin Willis

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Dealing With Abusive Customers

yoda1 Presented By Yodi

Sometimes you have to weigh  our company policy, customer/student requests,  when dealing  with angy and sometimes abusive customers in ESI and Prosper . When things turn ugly, what should you do with the customer? This post by   had some great insight and the comments  and may offer a great discussion on this topic with your team.  I put the phone on mute take a breath and rember the starfish story

 Please read this and let me know what your thoughts are?


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