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Cleaning Hacks + saves money=HowToCleanStuff.net


We have a big family and things get dirty with kids running around. I have found a resource hack that can save time and money. It is named HowToCleanStuff.net,  this site can probably tell you how to clean it. Items include: dryers, white wall tires, LCD screens, paintings, golf balls, fake plants, cookies (the browser kind), furniture, venetian blinds, every kind of floor, and clothing ect

One example is “How to DeSkunk a Human” using the following products:

“..* Hydrogen peroxide (one quart bottle)
* Baking soda or vinegar
* Dish soap for hand washing
* Large bowl, like a mixing bowl

If you don’t have one of these supplies, please send someone else to get them. You don’t want the stinky oils spreading to the inside of your car.
Mix the cleaning solution

The cleaning solution is fairly simple to make. Just take the entire bottle of hydrogen peroxide and pour it in the bowl. Then add a fourth of a cup of baking soda (or vinegar) and about a teaspoon of the dish soap. Mix them together with your hands. (Does it really matter if they smell like peroxide at this point?)
Wash, wash, wash

Once you’ve mixed up the solution, hop in the shower, or put your child in the bath, and lather and scrub away. Concentrate on the area of the body where the spraying occurred, as this area will have the highest amount of oils present. The cleaning solution is safe on skin and hair, as long as you don’t leave it on for more than a couple minutes. Then you might turn out to no longer be a brunette, but a fresh-smelling platinum blonde.
Rinse and repeat if needed

After you’ve scrubbed thoroughly, rinse off the solution with lukewarm water.

If this cleaning solution doesn’t get all of the smell out of your body and hair the first time, you can try repeating it, but you’ll have to start over and mix a new solution. The chemical reaction from the ingredients doesn’t last very long. Also, due to this reaction, don’t try to save any leftover solution in a container.

If this still doesn’t work, though it most likely will, you can try a premade commercial deskunking solution. You’re more likely to find one in the pet store than anywhere else. Just make sure to read the safety information on the container.
What about my clothes?

Skunk odor tends to stick in fabrics very well, so you may think that all of the clothes you were wearing when you got sprayed is destined for the trash bin. In some situations, this is the case, but there are some things that you can try in order to salvage them…” Read more here

I have found this and many other tips helpful and hope you will too!

Devin Willis


How to DeSkunk a Human”HowToCleanStuff.net

How to Organize Stuff.com-This  is a free resource provided in an effort to increase your quality of life

How To Grow Stuff.com– This  is a free resource provided in an effort to increase your quality of life



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Life hacks to help organize, collect, stay up todate and many other apps

Check out some of the most helpful and fun applications that were created as a result of  2008 Rails Rumble within a short period of time. Many of these applications can peoples life better , others are just fun.

Three of my favorites are the following:

TrackClassI have kids at home that could use this program!

  • Stay Up to Date -Assignments and Exams keep you focuses on important tasks, while the calendar keeps it all in perspective.

  • Take Notes -Take class notes to a new level! With fully revisioned note taking capabilities, you’ll never lose a thing.

  • Be Informed -Custom reminders keep you in check and let you know about that midterm you have in 15 minutes.

MyIdeaDrawer-Lets you organize everything you need for your next project, all in one place. Whether you’re building a web site, redesigning a room, or putting together a school report. Organize code, links, notes, palettes, photos, and screen shots all in one convenient location.

Back In BlackBack In Black is designed to help you keep out of debt through budgeting and accountability.

  • Record all your debts and expenses and it can report your totals to your accountability partners at the end of each week.
  • They will help you watch how you’re spending and send you alerts on what you need to scale back on.
  • They have intuitive graphs and see if you’re on target.

It’s all Free!-As a parent free,  is the best four letter word that starts with an f.

Humbly presnted,

Devin Willis

Resources quoted and Interesting reading:

The Rails Rumble is a 48 hour web application development competition.Check out the leader board

10 Impressive Rails Apps Built in 48 Hours or Less– by Leslie PostonMashable.com


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