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WalletWatcher Will help You Budget Your Money During a Recession.

moneytipsimagesI thought this  WalletWatcher was cool! It  is a free service and resource that perhaps could help some of you manage their finances and track monthly budget and spending online. Once it’s properly set-up one would be able to find out where the money goes, identify the areas where it was overspend, set monthly budgets for different things ( car, groceries, bills etc.), They can get detailed spending reports ect

The above is from Make use

I hope this helps,

Devin Willis



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“Doing The Right Thing” + On The First Contact Will Help A Company Prosper

cmslogoAt Prosper, we know that the first contact  with our students or customers  is the most important things in customer service. We want that contact to be successful   having our Representative being prepared and knowing  the programs and helping the students feel the value  of  their education

“…Customer service statisticians have found that solving an issue during the first contact (as opposed to over the course of two, three, or more contacts) saves time, money, and increases customer satisfaction in the long run…”(First Contact Resolution-Service Untitled )

I love working for a company that uses systems that make it easier for our frontline to resolve issues.

Devin Willis


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Search resources from one page!


Faganfinder Is one of the best selection of websites and databases that can be searched from one page.

Devin Willis

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