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Take a Moment for your Employees and say “Good Morning” and “Thank You”


Phil Gerbyshak presented a great question for managers or future leaders. He asked

Would It Kill You to Say Good Morning?

Phil also quoted some fascinating numbers- “7% of employees leave their managers because they didn’t say good morning”  I have learned over the years, take care of your people  honestly and with a kind heart, everything else will fall into place.

For more thoughts and comments from other Managers click here


Would It Kill You to Say Good Morning? by Phil Gerbyshak–Slacker Manager I also recommend people sign up for this blog it will help you become a better leader.



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Consumer expert offers “Rip-off Alerts”, save more, spend less and save more

Consumer expert Clark Howard alerts you to the latest rip-offs! These pod casts features rip-offs and warnings that Clark has uncovered and gives you the information on how to protect yourself and your loved ones.

I hope you find it useful,

Devin Willis


Rip-off, a Cox Radio, Inc.

Free Consumer Resources-Comnsumer and money advice freebies By Lee Seats,

National Consumers League Tips on how to avoid internet fraud, and scams.

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A year ago, one of the famous hits from the Web was It was a  viral video that everyone had a blast playing with and has helped many stressed employees!  All  a person does is the following:

a) Upload their pictures and create dancing elves that they could then send as e-cards to family and friends. ElfYourself turned out to be the fastest growing site last December, peaking at 39 million unique visitors in the U.S. (and attracting a total of 100 million unique visitors worldwide throughout the campaign).

Also, visit  a similar series of “Starring You” videos

Relax have some fun!

Devin Willis


This Christmas, OfficeMax’s Will Get a JibJab Twist-by Erick Schonfeld on November 12, 2008- TechCrunch


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Good News Network + Happy + Its A Good = A Great Day!!!!!

We all know the  news, and it’s barrage of negative  stories that are thrown at each of us from all over the world every day, sometimes it a feels there are rarely a good story seen. However relax and enjoy the below resources and you will realize there are many many feel good stories out there!

Good News Network-has been around since 1997. They state

Since 1997, people have turned to the Good News Network for positive news stories to balance the negativity they receive daily in the news.

  • Fact 1: The U.S. homicide rate dropped in the 1990’s by 42 percent, but network news coverage of murders jumped more than 700 percent. (Center for Media and Public Affairs)
  • Fact 2: People are turning away from mainstream news. On a weekday evening, less than 25 percent of the homes nationwide tune in to ABC, CBS and NBC news — combined. And, newspaper readership is declining steadily.
  • Fact 3: Young people are learning how positive material can directly affect performance and happiness. A positive psychology course at Harvard is the most popular class on campus with around 850 students enrolled. (Resource – )

HappyNews.comWith an army of citizen journalists ,  the editors and other contributors of make their mission. They find good  and happy news and present it to all of us, to lighten the load and lift your mood. (also see, Where the Beat Is Always Up By Paul FarhiWashington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, September 24, 2005; Page C01) All their videos are filtered by a human eye to ensure that the site will be “a place where visitors may come to be uplifted, inspired, motivated and where they will feel comfortable with all the content” contained on the site.

Positive News Network Their goal “provides you with   motivational quotes, inspiring stories from around the world. We are also dedicated to finding and supporting others who are producing Positive News.”

Have a fantastic day!

Devin Willis

Other  Resources

Motivational Posters I believe every person should have positive, inspirational images and quotes on display. There is a lot to be said for subliminal communication. You will some stunning pictures and inspirational quotes here. In my gym we have some of these images.

Overcoming Negative Thoughts Is A Key To Success-August 2, 2008 by prosperstudentcare– I love their vision “Empowering People for a Better World” and  they provide  ” an alternative news service that provides positive news updates and inspiring stories from around the world.”

Adam Bender Inspired Me + We Need More Heroes like Him!-August 13, 2008 by prosperstudentcare


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Entrepreneurial + Spirit does Challenge The Downturn

While  current economic downturn appear to be dominating the news these days, a recent study indicates that over half of all small business owners remain optimistic and do not intend to change their expansion plans.

Some of the highlights are the following :

Around one third for UK’s entrepreneurs (34%) responded that they set up their own business in order to make more money that they would working for someone else. 21% identified their desire to make their own ideas reality as their main motivating factor.

US entrepreneurs are even more ambitious, with 46% setting up their own business to make more money.

Most Dutch and French business owners (74% and 71%) were found to be motivated mostly by the desire to “be their own boss”, compared with a 58% in the UK.

The survey also identified some of the major challenges faced by future entrepreneurs:

Tax: 68% of British entrepreneurs believe that the taxation system in the UK does not favour those who want to start their own business, with similar figures in Germany and France. In the US, only 40% of small business owners think that the taxation system is an obstacle to small businesses.

Financing: nearly two thirds (64%) of British small business owners state that finding finance for a new venture is not easy, with the corresponding figures in Germany and France being 81% and 72% respectively. In the US the situation appears to be marginally better, with 58% saying that it was difficult to raise the initial funding for their new business.

Cultural factors: in the UK, only 44% feel that culturally the UK is a nation of natural risk takers. The Germans and French appear to be even more risk-averse, with only 33% and 34%; these percentages are dwarfed by the corresponding 78% figure in the US.

Government bureaucracy: this is the biggest issue in France, with 76% identifying government red tape as a major obstacle to setting up a new business. This is also the biggest single worry for the Germans (67%), with the British following at 54%. In comparison, only 32% of Americans think that government bureaucracy was an obstacle to entrepreneurial activity.

Education: according to the survey, almost two thirds of UK’s (61%) and France’s (66%) small business owners believe that the educational system does not promote entrepreneurial activity and ideas, with the figure in Germany being much higher at 80%. In the US, only 35% of those that took part in the survey feel that their education system does not encourage entrepreneurship.

I feel humbled to work with people that enables  students in Entrepreneurship succeed in their own business

Devin Willis!


Hiscox Study Reveals the DNA of an EntrepreneurPR Newswire,  July 23, 2008 -on BNET

Entrepreneurs defy economic downturn -Posted by – 05/08/2008 17:16

Entrepreneurial Spirit Can Challenge The Downturn,Insurance News Net

The One Minute Entrepreneur The Secret to Creating and Sustaining a Successful Business -“..Mega-bestselling author Ken Blanchard and celebrated business leaders Don Hutson and Ethan Willis present an inspiring story that reveals the secrets to becoming a successful entrepreneur…”- By ebay-garden-gnomes

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Top 55 Reference Websites

Here are the Top 55 Reference Websites as chosen by the eBizMBA editorial team. I think you will find many vey helpful!

Devin Willis


Top 55 Reference Websites by eBizMBA| The eBusiness Knowledgebase:
eBizMBA is an eBusiness knowledgebase that helps people find the webs  answer.

30 Most Popular Blogs-by eBizMBA|

This list or Resources, I hope will help you on your Journey! -August 1, 2008 by prosperstudentcare

Over 100 Useful Resources for Entrepreneurs August 11, 2008 by prosperstudentcare |

174 Web 2.0 Sites in 41 Categories-Web 2.0 Award Medal-Rated, Ranked, and Awarded-by SEOmoz


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Ohio State University’s offer basic “Managing Your Money” online program

Ohio State University Extension is committed to ensuring all citizens have access to its research-based information. One of these programs is “Managing Your Money” ;

Lesson 1: Getting Started. This lesson focuses on individual and family values about money. It gives you some suggestions about ways to talk with your partner and family about money matters. You are asked to think about and develop some financial goals for the future. There also are suggestions and tools to help you start tracking your expenses.

Lesson 2: Where Does Your Money Go? This lesson discusses cash flow, income, and expenses. There are worksheets on which to write critical information about your income, what you owe (your credit use), and types of expenses (fixed, regular flexible, and occasional) so that you have a better picture of your current financial standing.

Lesson 3: Stop Spending Leaks. This lesson will help you examine your spending habits to see if any problems exist. Suggestions are given for changing spending practices and habits. An agreement is included to help you and other family members commit to a personal plan to reduce spending so funds can be used to reach important goals set in Lesson 1.

Lesson 4: How Much Credit Can You Afford? The focus in this lesson is on the pros and cons of using various types of consumer credit, wise credit management, and the importance of your credit history. Some checklists will help you determine if you have some credit problems, and worksheets help you compare some credit alternatives.

Lesson 5: Develop Your Budget. Guidelines and worksheets for developing a written budget are the focus of this lesson. The guidelines and tools are intended to help you actually “plan” future use of income so that you are in better control of day-to-day and longer-term finances.

Lesson 6: Your Net Worth and Financial Records. The first part of this lesson focuses on your net worth and how you own property. The second part will help you collect and organize your very important financial records.

Ohio State University Extension.”offer Fact Sheets that also offer


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