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A year ago, one of the famous hits from the Web was It was a  viral video that everyone had a blast playing with and has helped many stressed employees!  All  a person does is the following:

a) Upload their pictures and create dancing elves that they could then send as e-cards to family and friends. ElfYourself turned out to be the fastest growing site last December, peaking at 39 million unique visitors in the U.S. (and attracting a total of 100 million unique visitors worldwide throughout the campaign).

Also, visit  a similar series of “Starring You” videos

Relax have some fun!

Devin Willis


This Christmas, OfficeMax’s Will Get a JibJab Twist-by Erick Schonfeld on November 12, 2008- TechCrunch



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Student Shares Intelligent Eating Ideas from Too Help OthersWith

How to become clever

My wife is always trying to get me to eat healthy! I have  lived  the last seventeen years by the rule that healthy eating is for rabbits not for humans. Then I read an post  from that had been sent to me from Liz (Prosper Student) that others would find this helpful.

Everyone knows that simple studying will be able to make you more intelligent. But what people don’t quite have a grasp of, is how to eat properly and in such a manner so that it can potentially increase your learning abilities. This guide is by no means indicating that food alone will increase your brain power, but it will certainly help you on the way to become a lot smarter!

Everyone knows that simple studying will be able to make you more intelligent. But what people don’t quite have a grasp of, is how to eat properly and in such a manner so that it can potentially increase your learning abilities. This guide is by no means indicating that food alone will increase your brain power, but it will certainly help you on the way to become a lot smarter!


Protein is the best way to get amino acids which are essential to brain health that the body cannot synthesize itself. A high-protein diet is usually recommended to athletes as it helps to build strong muscles, so give that brain a workout with protein-rich foods!

Spinach: Along with other leafy vegetables, spinach is a good dietary source of protein. An added benefit to spinach is that it contains anti-oxidants that can dispose of free radicals.

Nuts and Seeds: Another great source of protein. Easy to snack on and readily available, nuts/seeds/whole grain foods make for a great way to easily improve your brain power.

Eggs: Not only do they contain a large amount of protein for your brain, but they also carry a great deal of choline, a member of the B-Vitamin group and responsible for maintaining the health of neurotransmitters in the brain. For the rest vist Eat Your Way to

It seems my wife is right again (99.9% average) FOR NOW – Here is how I plan on eating more healthy.


Devin Willis


Eat Your Way to

Prosper students shares tip to reduce gas usage and save money! by Reflections on A Journey in “Prosper Learning”-“Devin Willis’”

Simple ways to make yourself far clevererDenis Campbell, social affairs correspondent The Observer,Sunday March 5 2006

Some Tips for Email Marketing Learned From Her “Prosper Learning” by Reflections on A Journey in “Prosper Learning”-“Devin Willis’”

What is Important to your Goals? by Reflections on A Journey in “Prosper Learning”-“Devin Willis’”


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Good News Network + Happy + Its A Good = A Great Day!!!!!

We all know the  news, and it’s barrage of negative  stories that are thrown at each of us from all over the world every day, sometimes it a feels there are rarely a good story seen. However relax and enjoy the below resources and you will realize there are many many feel good stories out there!

Good News Network-has been around since 1997. They state

Since 1997, people have turned to the Good News Network for positive news stories to balance the negativity they receive daily in the news.

  • Fact 1: The U.S. homicide rate dropped in the 1990’s by 42 percent, but network news coverage of murders jumped more than 700 percent. (Center for Media and Public Affairs)
  • Fact 2: People are turning away from mainstream news. On a weekday evening, less than 25 percent of the homes nationwide tune in to ABC, CBS and NBC news — combined. And, newspaper readership is declining steadily.
  • Fact 3: Young people are learning how positive material can directly affect performance and happiness. A positive psychology course at Harvard is the most popular class on campus with around 850 students enrolled. (Resource – )

HappyNews.comWith an army of citizen journalists ,  the editors and other contributors of make their mission. They find good  and happy news and present it to all of us, to lighten the load and lift your mood. (also see, Where the Beat Is Always Up By Paul FarhiWashington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, September 24, 2005; Page C01) All their videos are filtered by a human eye to ensure that the site will be “a place where visitors may come to be uplifted, inspired, motivated and where they will feel comfortable with all the content” contained on the site.

Positive News Network Their goal “provides you with   motivational quotes, inspiring stories from around the world. We are also dedicated to finding and supporting others who are producing Positive News.”

Have a fantastic day!

Devin Willis

Other  Resources

Motivational Posters I believe every person should have positive, inspirational images and quotes on display. There is a lot to be said for subliminal communication. You will some stunning pictures and inspirational quotes here. In my gym we have some of these images.

Overcoming Negative Thoughts Is A Key To Success-August 2, 2008 by prosperstudentcare– I love their vision “Empowering People for a Better World” and  they provide  ” an alternative news service that provides positive news updates and inspiring stories from around the world.”

Adam Bender Inspired Me + We Need More Heroes like Him!-August 13, 2008 by prosperstudentcare


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How does your company rate in each of the four areas?

I found a great post “The 4 top productivity drivers by Miki Saxon 2008  that I wanted to share
“…..Doing more for less. Productivity is always important, but it’s especially critical as the economy toughens.

The 40 year-old Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) is the world’s largest private network of corporations focused on improving workforce productivity.

Although i4cp requires membership to access much of its data, the Trendwatcher archives are free and loaded with useful information.

The research that caught my eye shows that “the most productive organizations furthest outstripped the average ones graph.jpgin four areas:

* Culture: 79% of the most productive organizations say that, to a high or very high degree, the cultures of their organizations help raise employee productivity.

* Leadership: 76% of highly productive companies said that, to a high or very high extent, leadership in their companies raises productivity.

* Employee engagement: 59% of highly productive organizations use engagement practices to a high or very high extent. Engagement means that workers are mentally and emotionally invested in their work and in contributing to their employer’s success.

* Employee health/wellness programs: Although It could be an anomaly, “People like to work for organizations that send strong signals that they care for their employees. These particular programs may be sending those signals more than most other types of initiatives do,” For more great information visit –The Leadership Turn Blog

I ask myself , What can I do in my areas of responsibilities at home and Prosper Inc. to improve productivity. What can you do?

Humbly submitted ,

Devin Willis

Resources that may be helpful

Leader vs. manager 5/7 -by Miki Saxon on May 6th, 2008-Post from Leadership Turn

Prosper Inc. Founded in 1999, Prosper Inc. is a leader in results-based, one-on-one coaching. Every week Prosper conducts over 1,500 coaching sessions with students around the world. To date, they have helped more than 150,000 students in seventy-six countries.

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Resource that can save $$$$ for you is most husbands nightmare! But I think it will save many of us lot of time, money and that is It is full of hints and frugal tips. From natural cleansers or making your own laundry soap, crafts, gardening and organizing, this site has it all. Many of our students love it and I wanted to share it! – See-

Devin Willis

-More Resources- -

MSN Money blogs “These blogs connect you with some of the best content from MSN Money and the rest of the Web. Check back regularly.”


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Article Highlights Life-Changing Prosper Learning Education

Changing lives, One Student At A Time

I love the article  that was selected to appear in the August 2006 issue of the national magazine, U.S. Business Review in an article entitled “Investing in Tomorrow”.

The article thoroughly outlined the reasons for Prosper, Inc. students’ success and portrayed the vision of Prosper, Inc. as a company . It also covered  the vision for  our employees and leaders;0) The article stated ,

“After pioneering its own niche in the post-secondary education market, Prosper Inc. has positioned itself as an organization devoted to helping individuals achieve success in the business world through its customized courses…[T]he company is a valuable asset for individuals hoping to fulfill their potential and further their careers through return-on-investment-based learning systems.”

Ethan Willis, CEO and President of Prosper, Inc. said, “This is a rewarding article because it talks about the success of our students as well as the integrity and abilities of our employees here at Prosper.”

In the article Ethan, whom I call my young brother and friend  stated   he “believes the company’s most valuable assets are its employees..”

Humbly Posted

Devin Willis


Investing in Tomorrow By Kate Burrows Tuesday, 15 August 2006 –


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“Spreading the Word:” 300 Blogs for Prosper Learning and the world

David Zinger publish’s a great  list of blogs he follow on his site: He stated there “..was such a positive response with people finding new blogs or rediscovering old blogs..” that he decided there was good value to offer all the world this list


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