Top Reference Websites


Today I read the ” Top 55 Reference Websites” by eBizMBA. A few that I really liked that were listed were the following:.

Wikipedia a very useful free-content encyclopedia on the Internet. Over 7 million articles in over 200 languages, and still growing.

Project Gutenberg-A library of 17000 free ebooks whose copyright has expired in the USA Book listings, search engine, newsletter, articles and information on how you can help … – online encyclopedia, almanac, Web search powered by Google, Web directory, dictionary and thesaurus.

eHow-Learn how to do just about everything at ehow, with more than 337000 articles and videos offering step-by-step instructions on “how to do just about everything”. You can publish your own articles and How To … -expert guidance from real people searching the Internet for the information, goods, and services that you need to know related to your passion.

I hope you enjoy the above resources,

Devin Willis



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2 responses to “Top Reference Websites

  1. edmundbureson

    Prosper learning misrepresents their product. They will literally promise the farm to get you to join. 24 hour coaching, seminars, training, they promised that they would include a $2000.00 options investment with step by step advice after 2 months of fundamental analysis and technical analysis training that would pay for the entire course. After I joined and went through the workbooks I started inquiring about the investment account. “What investment account,” they said, “we don’t do investment accounts.” Obviously they do promise one in their sales pitch. That is the only reason I joined. And its the reason I intend to file a class action lawsuit for fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud against Prosper.

  2. Bonnie Pingler

    Wow, Devin, nice blog. About at nice as your companies reputation. I’m not sure how on earth you folks can sleep at night. I hope you get tea bagged by Howard Stern for all eternity

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