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Dr. Nancy Wasson, Ph.D, and Lee Hefner are Helping Couples Have Better Marriages

Dr. Nancy Wasson, Ph.D, and Lee Hefner of Birmingham, Ala., have taken their Internet business to new heights. They have helped many families!

Dr. Wasson and Hefner, who are married, co-authored Keep Your Marriage: What to Do When Your Spouse Says “I don’t love you anymore!” and Wasson provides marriage coaching. The couple market their products on-line, and publish a web-based newsletter using the education and coaching support Prosper provided.

“Over the past several years, our newsletter has grown from nothing to having over 18,000 subscribers world-wide today. The great thing about our success is that we know we’re helping couples have better marriages,” said Hefner.

I have been reflecting on the last twenty years with my best friend and wife Julie , and I know and continue to learn that showing my love through my actions and remembering  say the words “I love you; I need you; I think you’re beautiful; I appreciate you; thank you” and you help me so much; you are such a great mom; you’re one of the most intelligent people I know.” I look forward to an eternity with Julie and my hope is all of my readers happiness in their relationships!


Devin Willis

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“Entrepreneurial Strengths Assessment” Helps find Your Strengths

Working at with the organization that I do, is truly lifetime opportunity!

Leadership attracts talented people to an organization, and leaders attract loyal employees, key partners, and faithful customers. An entrepreneur who exercises leadership skills will be able to overcome the highs and the lows of the creation and execution of a business…” I took  my Entrepreneurial Strengths Assessment and found so much about myself! Please take it with your teams! see (www.estrengths.com)

I love this that our leaders from the Executives to our team leaders  lead by example Leaders thru-out Prosper inc. Great leaders develop and empower the people around so that the leader can see the growth and accomplishments of those around them and be there when they need help. We have leaders not here to micro-manage-everything and every little move students or employees do or  make, but there to help them guide and educate them to success

When Ken Blanchard and Ethan Willis talked with us a few months ago they  both talked about empowerment in terms of ducks and eagles. Great leaders produces eagles because they can soar above everyone else. Bad leadership produces ducks because they only “quack” what they are told.

Are those around you quacking or soaring?

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