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“Christmas Story” Quiz – Relax and Test your knowledge of This Christmas Classic!

Christmas Story quiz
1) Who made Ralphie’s bunny suit?
Uncle Joe
Aunt Judy
Aunt Clara
Aunt JJ
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“The Top 10 Facebook Stories of 2008” What do you think?

Devin Willis's Facebook profile

Since I love Facebook! I wanted to share  a post by Nick O’Neill. It is called  “The Top 10 Facebook Stories of 2008” He took the time and went through  all of the articles I’ve written over the past year and picked the top ten.

The metrics  Mr. Nick O’Neill. uses  are the following:

1)”..Those which were big news ..”

-And “..those which have received the most traffic…”  so,  a combination between traffic and news worthiness . Take a look at the list and see if you agree. I thought it was a well rounded list.


“The Top 10 Facebook Stories of 2008”—Mr. Nick O’Neill—

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Another Year Is Ending! I Have Some Ideas To Help The Stress;0)

Another year is ending and I think many of us will be happy to see it all behind us in the rear-view mirror. But even looking back on a less than perfect year, I find so many good things that I don’t know where to begin. Every time I sit back and begin to reflect on this last year, I am flooded with gratitude for our students and the people I work with to help change people’s lives one person at a time.

Here are a few more of the things I’m thankful for this year:

1)My wonderful wife of more than 21 years. Her birthday was on Thanksgiving this year. There hasn’t been a single day since then when I wasn’t thankful that she married me. Julie has taught me so much about what real love and I appreciate the joys of our life together.And  our faith in Jesus Christ,  the plan of redemption. Our faith in Jesus Christ has and will  continue to guide us through tough times.

2)Each of my children and extended family all over the world.

One of the greatest privileges of working at Prosper is that people share fears, their failures, their dreams and their hopes with us. Yet the most wonderful part for me isn’t just the trust involved in these conversations, but the joy of their success that changes lives in a deep meaningful way. So, I look back with happy thoughts and look forward to the great challenges that will help me grow.   It reminds me how important  faith, family and  friends are to me.That is  why,  I do my best to create positive  memories with the family and friends that ARE still here.

For many  more ideas ( to help you make it through these holidays!


Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Devin Willis


True Meaning of ChristmasJim Cornish (
Grade Five Teacher,

Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All Men — Not Just Those Who Share My Beliefs-LDS Newsroom

4 Christmas Hacks By: Noel Jameson

Letters from Santa or Calls from Santa: Two ways to Communicate One Happy Child
By: Wedding-articles


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My Brother’s (Damon Willis) MMA Fight!

Damon Willis Won by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 0:31 in the 1st round. He really trained hard for this fight and the people at the event  were  very kind. I am proud of  Damon and proud to call him friend and brother!


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10 Hacks for Shipping Holiday Presents Thanks to MSNBC


I found  these ten tips that  “will help you ship holiday packages safely and in the least expensive way, depending on your needs.” Covers timing, packing, choosing a shipping service, and understanding when to pay more. Includes links to major consumer shippers.

I hope these  tips can help you or someone you know.

Devin Willis

Resource :

10 Tricks for Shipping Holiday Gifts With EaseLaura T.CoffeyMSNBC

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