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Save Money and Grow Rich slowly with these Money Hacks


Paul in Poinciana, Floridia shared this great money saving tip!

He wrote:

Are you wondering when you can get the cheapest fares? Well, look no further than in red eye flights. These flights although scheduled to depart late at night are most of the time empty with cheap fares. Reason behind this, is that airlines are forced to position their fleets for the morning’s departures.

For many more money saving tips. Click Here

Take care,

Devin Willis


Find cheapest fares in red eye flights—-Paul in Poinciana, Floridia—-Daytipper


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Great Money Hacks and Resources at The Bargainist

dollar Save Money and Time with this Resource

Nominated  and was  in the BlogNet Awards for the Best Shopping Blog . The Bargainist a site owned by “Zombiecorp” According toBlogNet Awards “..This Site has been described as a site that gives you hand-picked deals, sales and coupons…” and They   “….found such tips as how to save on your Daily Commute, tons of Hot deals and Coupons lots of freebies, you can even get alerts on your mobile phone and the list just goes on and on…”   I saved money , and  I think you can to o! But do not take my word .Test it for yourself !

Their blog states “….The Bargainist was named one of TIME Magazine’s Top 10 Web Sites of 2006. The site was also named one of PC Magazine’s Top 100 Favorite Blogs of 2007.”

I like the freebies section ;0) For the main blog click here

Happy shopping for the best deal!

Devin Willis


The Bargainist—-BlogNet Awards

The Bargainist—–   Blog

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Take a Moment for your Employees and say “Good Morning” and “Thank You”


Phil Gerbyshak presented a great question for managers or future leaders. He asked

Would It Kill You to Say Good Morning?

Phil also quoted some fascinating numbers- “7% of employees leave their managers because they didn’t say good morning”  I have learned over the years, take care of your people  honestly and with a kind heart, everything else will fall into place.

For more thoughts and comments from other Managers click here


Would It Kill You to Say Good Morning? by Phil Gerbyshak–Slacker Manager I also recommend people sign up for this blog it will help you become a better leader.


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Seven Habits of Highly Connected People by Stephen Downes,That Could Change your Life


I read an article that really hit me hard! It  was posted byLisa Neal Gualtier with   Stephen Downes permission.. This article uses the resource  work of another  great author, Stephen Covey who wrote many books about effective habits.

I found this article helpful,

Devin Willis


Seven Habits of Highly Connected People posted by Lisa Neal Gualtier

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