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My thoughts on leadership;0)

I read an interesting  post today  that talked about ” Fast Leadership – Stop Thinking and Start Deciding .” He basicallly advocates a Gladwellesque “Blink” style of decision making, which I think has merit in the right time and place. It’s a good post, but one thing I thought was missing was some kind of feedback mechanism that allows you to take stock of how your decisions worked out over time. ..” Also “..see this nice roundup of decision making links over on Lifehack.org…”See resource- Decision roundup Tuesday, August 29 2006 , quoted on AllBusiness.com,  (Ethan Willis and Steve Gross are  great example of  great leadership)

I also read a post on the  LeadershipNow Blog and  I came across  4 rules of influence from the book The Art of Influence written by Chris Widner-see below-

1. Living a Life of Undivided Integrity. Notwithstanding that integrity is in fact being undivided, he writes that while leaders do make mistakes, followers “do expect their leaders to admit and correct their mistakes, mend the cracks in their integrity, if you will. Left unchecked, eventually a lack of integrity erodes the trust that is needed between a leader and a follower.”

2. Always Demonstrate a Positive Attitude. People respond to optimism. Bad things happen. And when they do, you need to ask not “Why did this happen to me?” but “What’s next?” or “What good can come from this?” “You are choosing to believe that something good can come from negative circumstances and that the future will be better than the present.”

3. Consider Other People’s Interests as More Important Than Your Own. “Even more important than being interesting, is being interested.”

4. Don’t Settle For Anything Less Than Excellence. Widner encourages us to grow our influence by improving ourselves around seven areas of excellence: physical appearance, emotional health, intellectual growth, spiritual depth, relationships, financial success, and charitable giving. Excellence is in the details…”

The bottom line is influence is not “about manipulation and slick fast-talking”; true Influence  and leadership teaches that your ability to influence others begins from within. These is our culture at Prosper. Although we are not perfect, we strive to become better everyday as we can to serve our people and help them gain success. Also see Prosper Learning Star Fish Story

Any thoughts?

Devin Willis




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