Thanksgiving +memories with friends and family

thanksThanksgiving & Social Media

Thanksgiving is  a great time to  pause from my hectic routine of daily crazy work days. I love to create  memories with friends and family. (There is so much to be  thankful for! )

Here a list of Thanksgiving resources assembled by Pete Blackshaw dubbed “The Official Social Media Guide to Thanksgiving.” and I enjoyed Lifehack’s Guide to Gratitude, Giving Thanks, and Thanksgiving

Take Care!

Devin Willis



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2 responses to “Thanksgiving +memories with friends and family

  1. Richard Luke

    Each of us has much to be grateful for. Devin, I just cannot convince my family we can be just as grateful and eat sushi, they just don’t see how it would be possible to eat sushi instead of turkey & express gratitude for our blessings. I know I’ve got plenty to be thankful for Devin, enjoy your holiday with your family & loved ones.

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