We Love “Joe the plumber’s” dream !

It’s an  American dream!

My family is made of entrepreneurs and that is why we are teaching our friends and family these concepts by example and through sitting them down and showing them. I was excited to read Carl J. Schramm‘s Commentary: Why we need Joe the plumber’s dream

I think ” Joe the plumber represents dream of many Americans”

Carl J. Schramm pointed to a “.. survey, which was conducted late last month, 70 percent of respondents said the success and health of the U.S. economy depends on the success of entrepreneurs. More than 60 percent said they had the most faith and confidence in the American people and the small business owner to guide the U.S. economy..”

I think we all can agree that no matter who is President , we need lawmakers that will help entrepreneurs succeed!

Devin Willis


Commentary: Why we need Joe the plumber’s dreamCarl J. Schramm‘s-CNN

The Entrepreneurial MindJeff Cornwall

Entrepreneurial + Spirit does Challenge The Downturn


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One response to “We Love “Joe the plumber’s” dream !

  1. Mr. Willis,

    I am not sure if you can rember us or not? I wanted to give up on my dreams and you listened to me!One of the most powerful results I gained while working with Dane was the complete overhaul of our direct marketing materials/letters. I worked on a letter for a couple of weeks with Dane which has effectively doubled the response I was receiving with my initial letter. I must say letter writing is a real art form but once you get the correct formula the results are absolutely amazing. The results of this assignment has had the following flow on benefits for me:

    -increased customer response
    – decreased the amount of money it costs me to find a lead and ultimately a customer.
    – Enabled me to get the FLAVORx story out into the market place on mass and quickly.
    -Has made the phone ring off the hook.
    -Ultimately increased the number of customers.

    I have also provided pharmacists, vets etc new versions of letters in their FLAVORx marketing kits which has ultimately assisted them in gaining more customers to have their medications flavored. This in turn helps them sell greater amounts of FLAVORx which effectively helps me increase my purchase frequency.

    Devin, you were absolutely fantastic to us and unbelievably intuitive about my very specific and needs.Thanks for getting Dane as our coach! Does he still work for you?

    Thanks again

    Mr and Mrs Sacchetta

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