Safe Search Engines for Kids +A Few Other Resources I want to share;0)

As father , I am always looking for selected  child-appropriate areas. I found a few safe places for my five kids to search the internet  and wanted to share them:

Kindernet–  Kindernet is the place for you. Kindernet insures that the safest and most useful results are found for you and your children. For example, typing in Britney Spears brings up news about her fan page and mild websites which are useful and appropriate for children.

I can assure you they will not stumble upon pages which reveal the true side of Miss Spears. Besides the smart searching filters. Kindernet also allows for faster searching by making the keyword entry process easy. If you want to search for two words, just type in “and” between your two key terms. If you wish to exclude a word, just add a minus sign in front of it.

GoGooligans – This is basically Google for kids. It has safety filters which prevent vulgar material from leaking out from the unsanitary cables and pipes known as the internet. GoGooligans also offers many search options, allowing kids to search through specific websites such as PBS, Britannica, Merriam Webster, About, etc. Also, once the search term is entered, users can then choose more specific results for their keywords, such as, Geography, History, Facts, Definition, and much more.

Ask Kids– The younger sibling of the infamous The people at Ask know a few things about internet search, and now they have passed on their wisdom to Ask Kids. This search engine is a easy to navigate and offers features which make searching less of an ordeal. Enter your keyword and you are presented with numerous different facts along with your search result. This allows the children to not get lost in the all the links, and it helps them to get their information quickly.

For  a few more click here

Happy searching!

Devin Willis


Top 5 Search Engines for Kids By Sasha R. Lahijanian–Alternative Search Engines

Top 5 Internet dangers for kids: A resource guide By Jessica Dolcourt -By Jessica Dolcourt – CNET (3/30/2007)



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