Educate Yourself about the 2008 US Presidential Election

This 2008 US Presidential election is a very critical one. It is hard to tell what is true and what is not the truth during this process. I did find some resources  that will help  figure the important facts, so you and your loved ones can make an informed on the issues.

In fact Mashable’s Sean P. Aune stated

The 2008 US Presidential election process is in full swing, and with the first Presidential debates scheduled for tonight, it’s time everyone learned more about the candidates. While each of the candidates have their own official sites and social networking profiles, there are many sites that can help you boil down how each candidate stands and votes on the issues. You can also find lots of tools to get behind the rumors, see who is donating money to them, and much more.

And listed many helpful resources! I will list a few: – Still unsure of who should get your vote?  Glassbooth quizzes you on your beliefs and tells you which candidate best aligns with what you want. – Gives you easy access to look up how each politician has voted on each issue as well as providing quotes they have said on each. – Breaks down donations by biggest contributors, which industries are donating the most, and gives you a good sense of who really is backing each candidate. – Collects polling data from various sources into one location so you can easily track how various states are skewing in their support. – The popular debunking site has numerous entries of Internet rumors for both of the candidates. – Look up the voting and bill sponsorship records of Senators Biden, McCain and Obama, check out a graph of their legislative effectiveness amongst other information. – Gives you information on each candidate with contact information, political history and a few other assorted facts.

ResourceEducate Yourself for the Presidential Debates With 25+ Sites About Obama and McCain September 26, 2008 – 4:34 pm PDT – by Sean P. Aune

I also recommend the following:

Fact Checking the Debate By Mike Krumboltz–Yahoo Buzz

Register to Vote Has “..voter registration information for the United States, including voter qualifications, voting resources, election links, political information”

The Politicalcovers political news with a focus on national politics, Congress, Capitol Hill, the 2008 presidential race, lobbying, advocacy, and more.

Real Clear Politics Collection of up-to-date political news from around the web. Polls for political races in categories.

United States presidential election, 2008-From Wikipedia

USA TODAY On Politics blog and USA TODAY On Politics. Both covers political news with a focus on national politics

I hope these will help you !

Devin Willis



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  1. SW

    Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain — and most fools do.

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  3. Majority rule only works if you’re also considering individual rights. Because you can’t have five wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for supper.Larry

  4. Better is the enemy of good.FrancoisMarieArouetVoltaireFrancois Marie Arouet Voltaire, 1694-1778

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