Useful Hacks=Productive day

Here are some resources I’ve found very useful from Doug Hennig for the past few months;0)

Reinventing the Clipboard: discusses why the Windows clipboard needs to be rethought and even better, links to a cool tool (Clipx) that provides a multi-entry clipboard.

TIP: Compressing Virtual PC images: Craig’s tips are always great and this one saves lots of disk space.

Why Your Business Must Be on the First Page of Google: yes, it’s marketing, but since we’re all involved in marketing one way or another, you might as well figure out how to do it better. Mike’s blog has lots of useful tips and I found this article really interesting.

Evolve Your User Interface To Educate Your Users: the Smashing Magazine blog is mostly web-oriented but is almost always interesting. However, the ideas in this post are also applicable to making desktop apps easier to use.

I also think many people will find  Eric Hebert’s “The 50 Most Popular Web Design Blog Posts, Resources & Cheat Sheets of 2007” very helpful

Devin Willis

Useful Resources:

Some Interesting Posts––Wednesday, January 30, 2008–Doug Hennig

A Useful Hack for Storing Text or Editable Pictures You Need to Reuse, in OpenOffice Impress Presentations—-July 02, 2007– Training, Tips, and Ideas

Yahoo! News: Internet NewsYahoo


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  1. Doing Student Project helps me keep clever;00)

    an example:

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