Dr. Nancy Wasson, Ph.D, and Lee Hefner are Helping Couples Have Better Marriages

Dr. Nancy Wasson, Ph.D, and Lee Hefner of Birmingham, Ala., have taken their Internet business to new heights. They have helped many families!

Dr. Wasson and Hefner, who are married, co-authored Keep Your Marriage: What to Do When Your Spouse Says “I don’t love you anymore!” and Wasson provides marriage coaching. The couple market their products on-line, and publish a web-based newsletter using the education and coaching support Prosper provided.

“Over the past several years, our newsletter has grown from nothing to having over 18,000 subscribers world-wide today. The great thing about our success is that we know we’re helping couples have better marriages,” said Hefner.

I have been reflecting on the last twenty years with my best friend and wife Julie , and I know and continue to learn that showing my love through my actions and remembering  say the words “I love you; I need you; I think you’re beautiful; I appreciate you; thank you” and you help me so much; you are such a great mom; you’re one of the most intelligent people I know.” I look forward to an eternity with Julie and my hope is all of my readers happiness in their relationships!


Devin Willis

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6 responses to “Dr. Nancy Wasson, Ph.D, and Lee Hefner are Helping Couples Have Better Marriages

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  3. I am a wife to Michael, and a mom to two teenage boys named J.R. and J.T. Actually I didn’t name them that legally, but that is what everyone calls them. J.R. stands for Johnathan Ryan, and J.T. stands for Justin Tyler. Sometimes the “J’s” confuse me when I am hollering at one of them, so the initials help. I was born with the name JulieAnn, but in 9th grade my friends started calling me Jules, and the name stuck.

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