Hard to Find 800 Numbers =Resolve Your Problems

I was talking to a student today, and she stated  how easy it was to get help and resolve her concern with the educational program.. Betty stated that she was going to have to call a few more companies and would most likely never get through!

I told her  a place to start is the Gethuman Database.  Sent out an e-mail with the  information.

One of the best specialty lists I’ve found is the Techbargains Vendor Info. The list primarily covers technology retailers, but they happen to be the ones that tend to make it hardest to find their customer service numbers.

Hard to Find 800 Numbers has a fairly small, but growing list of numbers and cover a wider range of company types.

The Internet 800 Directory is worth a try.

If you can’t find the toll-free customer service number you are seeking on those lists you can try a custom search on Google. For more: Locate those Hard-to-Find Toll-Free Customer Service Numbers By Lee Seats, About.com

I hope you find them useful as well!

Devin Willis |


Gethuman Database.-The GetHuman™ movement was created from the voices of millions of consumers who want to be treated with dignity when they contact an enterprise for customer support.  Our goal is to convince enterprises that providing high quality customer service and having satisfied customers costs much less than providing low quality customer service and having unsatisfied customers

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7 responses to “Hard to Find 800 Numbers =Resolve Your Problems

  1. Tim

    Here are some to add!

    Ebay.com 888-749-3229
    Cust. service

    M-F (Pacific)
    Skype.com 866-446-0831
    Cust. service
    6a-6p M-F (Pacific)
    Yahoo.com 866-562-7219


    Cust. service
    Corporate hq
    Small business cust. services
    Tech support 6a-6p M-F (Pacific)

    Google.com 650-253-0000
    Advertising Press 0
    Press 22 for a live customer rep.

  2. sue

    Waiting on hold for customer service or tech support is painful enough, so why do they have to make it so hard to find the toll-free 800 number in the first place? With Hard to Find 800 Numbers, you’ll never have to scramble for contact information again. The site organizes companies alphabetically and displays phone numbers and hours of operation.


  3. Devin
    Search Engine Related News, Article, Blog & Forum Feeds has some great customer service, tips too!

    Keep up the great work!

    M. B

  4. jamesbr42

    Some places seem never to want to talk to any of their customers. Nowhere in their literature do they list a telephone number for customer service, Thanks !


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