Best Websites of 2007 + 2008 =Great Resources

Writer’s Digest Best Websites of 2008

101 Best SitesWhether someone looking for quotes, advice or research information——They’ve got you covered. Their annual roundup of websites is here,  these folks shifted throuh  over 2,100 nominations and chose the 101 most valuable.

50 Best Websites 2008TIME Magazine They share  what’s new and exciting and useful and and  “…honor sites with exceptional style, sites that offer new ways to access and share content, and enrich our online experience…”

The Best Sites of January 2008-By Wendy Boswell,


Devin Willis

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9 responses to “Best Websites of 2007 + 2008 =Great Resources

  1. Keep it up Devin!!!!!! has tips, topics and trends that will help you be eco-friendly on a budget.

  2. Dev-

    You have to add-“Pop Culture
    for People in Cubicles”-“Graphs Jam”

  3. a new blog about random stuff that is pretty entertaining.

  4. Devin,

    The recent Judo clinic, sponsored and held at a Coastal Judo Club Dojo can only be described as a great and life changing effent. Hosted by Sensei Iizumi, I loved it! but I read James’s post“Ethan Willis-Great Author and Warrior”
    and I have bought the book! I will keep you informed on my thoughts;0)

    “Judo John” Johnson

  5. Mr.Devin Willis !

    I have enjoyed your hard work! I would suggest!

    Best Web sites in 96 industries.


    Prosper Student

  6. We think that the Double Diamond Fiber Farm website ( rate is the coolest!

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