Fast, Comfortable Flights Vs. Feeling Ripped-Off

InsideTrip is an airline ticket search engine with a focus on identifying flights with the highest level of quality, as opposed to the approach most search engines take (finding the lowest price). I know for those who travel alot this has been sent from heaven;0)

Quality is measured by factors spanning 3 categories (speed, comfort, and ease) and addressing 12 so-called “pain points” (such as number of stops, security wait time, legroom, aircraft type, connection time, and gate location). As a user of InsideTrip, you can indicate which of these pain points are most important to you and the service’s algorithms will generate a unique TripQuality score for each ticket result. These can be used in conjunction with the ticket price to find just the right itinerary.

InsideTrip has collected information about the quality of trips from a variety of sources, including the Transportation Security Administration, airlines, and airline websites.


InsideTrip Thinks There’s More to Shopping for Airline Tickets Than Just Prices -Mark Hendrickson-March 2, 2008-TechCrunch

From leg room to lost bags, InsideTrip rates airline flights Travel search site launches this week By JOHN COOK


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  1. Devin,

    Wow, thank you so much for your resoueces, it was very thorough and more than I expected!

    The Travel Mouse

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