I Love Talking with Our “Prosper Learning” Coaches!

Some Tips and Wisdom I found helpful!

I was talking to one of out coaches (@ Prosper Learning) and he refereed me to our success center . I found  a  great article “Manage Your Finances” that stated

“.. It sounds obvious but few people do it. Financial management is an ongoing, unending process. Start with the most fundamental elements; know your net worth and track where you money is going. These are both very simple tasks. Track every penny you spend. Use a day planner or spreadsheet or whatever is easiest for you. It is impossible to manage your finances if you don’t have the necessary information at hand. Your net worth is figured by simply totaling all of your assets (what you own) and subtracting all of your liabilities (what you owe). If your net worth is increasing month to month you are on the right track…”

Coach Gail Long  Posted the following

“…Just as the Boy Scouts have “Be Prepared” as a motto, we need to have a Prepared Pantry. This is not just for major disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods or earthquakes; it can be as simple as an increase in gas prices, loss of a job, or even no overtime at your job. In these uncertain times it is necessary to build and maintain our pantries so we can always feed our families. It may not be their favorite meal, but no one wants their family members to go hungry. Each family is different and has unique food needs.
FEMA has lots of additional information on preparedness, for additional information from them go to
Are You Ready?
Are You Ready? An In-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness (IS-22) is FEMA’s most comprehensive source on individual, family, and community preparedness. The guide has been revised, updated, and enhanced in August 2004 to provide the public with the most current and up-to-date disaster preparedness information available.

In an article titled “Taking the Bite Out of Food Storage” (“Random Sampler,” Ensign, Mar. 1992, 72-73) four steps were listed to ease your way into a Prepared Pantry.

Step 1: Learn the basics of home storage. Doing so will save you time, money, and effort.
Step 2: Acquire an emergency supply of life-sustaining foods and water and store them properly.
Step 3: Build up your storage gradually. It’s amazing how fast storage shelves can fill up when you buy commodities in double quantities—for example, one can of beans for regular use, the other for storage
Step 4: Eat what you store and store what you eat. For more Tips


Prosper Learning Personal Finance – written by The Prosper Financial coaches-These coaches have established a strong reputation for success by helping thousands of students learn effectively manage their personal finances and investments. The department currently has over 100 years of personal financial experience.

Prosper has assembled one of the most experienced, qualified financial coaching organizations in the world, and has made financial independence affordable for virtually every family in America. Prosper’s program combines interactive learning and veteran coaching to guide clients through the process of creating their unique Financial Independence Plan. Our coaches are more than cheerleaders. They are educators, advocates, and mentors of the mind. The proven principles we coach include the following areas

  • Goal Setting
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Risk Reduction
  • Accelerated Debt Elimination
  • Emergency Planning
  • Small Business Philosophy
  • Investment Planning
  • Tax Reduction
  • Retirement Planning
  • Creating Wills and Trusts
  • For more … http://blog.prosperlearning.com/financial/

Save Your Money in 5 Easy Steps
Five Tips to Saving Money

Prosper Learning coach Brice Hogan shared the following:

“…Marching your way to financial freedom takes a lot of discipline. So I want to impart some wisdom on how to keep a little more money in your wallet when you shop around for things.


My wife says that I am the king at grocery shopping, and I am. That is because when I go I try to look for the best deals possible I bring a list and stick to it. Generally I go during the busiest time of the week which is either the weekends or on Mondays. These days the store will have a lot of discounted. So shop on the busiest days. Better Deals. Also if the store has a frequent shopper club join it and you can get additional discounts. The grocery store I shop at, if I purchase a certain amount I can get 5 to 10 cents of gas. These days it’s totally worth it.

Dollar Stores

If you have a dollar store in you area use it. I find it a good place to find household cleaning products, bathroom cleaner, laundry detergents, some food items. Take advantage of these places they also stock some name brand products so it can be an effective way to save on your budget.

Find your Coffee Factor

David Bach has an excellent book called Automatic Millionaire. In it he describes what is called a latte factor. This is basically a vice or habit you spend a lot of money on. It could be cigarettes, eating out, excessive shopping, etc… If you have a vice or habit you spend a lot of money on cut it out completely or scale it way back to save you some coin.

Reviewing Insurance Policies

A great way to save some money is to review your auto insurance. Just by increasing the deductible to a manageable amount you can save $5 – $10 a month and maybe more. So call your insurance agent up and ask.

Bundle Away

You can save a lot of money these days on tv/internet/phone bill by looking into bundles. Companies have made it cheaper for you to buy bundle packages. I have seen packages for $100 in some areas which can save you a lot of money in the long run for you.

These are just some tips that might be able to save you a little money during the month.


5 Practical Steps to help Save You Money-April 3rd, 2008 | Category: Personal Finance-Prosper Learning Personal Finance – written by The Prosper Financial coaches-These coaches have established a strong reputation for success by helping thousands of students learn effectively manage their personal finances and investments. The department currently has over 100 years of personal financial experience.

Get out of Debt Slowly?

Micah Richards share’s the following insight “..Our main focus is to get out of debt, and take the next step in building our own financial independent. These are some huge goals, and will not be something we can do in a week, or even a month. We may even need to wait a month to see any results.

A good idea is to write down ten short time goals you can accomplish in one week. We need to focus these ten goals on items, habits, or struggles we are currently having with our personal finances.
Here are a few sample goals that will hopefully give you some more ideas of what types of goals we are looking for:

1) I will bring a sack lunch to work all week.

2) I will walk to any location I need to go, that is within 1 mile.

3) I will bring breakfast each morning to work.

4) I will go to the grocery store once!

5) I will avoid vending machines, and coke machines.

6) I will eat before I go shopping.

7) I will go through my fridge, and eat all the leftovers.

8) I will read one book on how to achieve financial freedom.

9) I will watch one program on how to achieve financial freedom.

10) I will listen to a financial guru, either on the internet or on CD.

The above examples are once again to get your mind thinking of what personalized goals you can use.

I have also included a very simple document to use. It is so simple, you do not need excel or another program to run. You can cut and paste it, and even print it. After you have completed the goal for a week, you check it off. You will see a difference in your spending habits, and also see a psychological difference that you believe more in yourself, and that you can achieve the longer goals of getting out of debt. Good luck, and have fun! After a few weeks, if you feel confident, change your goals to a month.

Number CHECKLIST OF 10 Weekly Goals Check when Completed



For more great tips go to Prosper Learning  Personal Finance Blog-written by The Prosper Financial coaches-

I remember trying to figure out grants and hen it was explained to me by one of our mentors Dane here at Prosper Inc.. anyway I cacme across this post I thought would be helpful to anyone ! Most experts agree that a mentor helps us h avoid costly mistakes!

I really enjoyed author Grant Gary thoughts in his article. He wrote

“…Funding from grants is often at the core of a successful technology plan, but writing proposals requires a bit of magic and a lot of time. Grants can be a good way for educators to collaborate on building strong programs, but some creative thinking is also required. Here are eleven hints that can help you rake in the funds…”
#1 Find a brighter idea
#2 Get better organized
#3 Prepare an elevator spech
#4 Get a support group
#5 Set your watch
#6 Fill in the holes
#7 Judge for yourself
#8 If you got it, share it
#9 Known when to stop
#10 Make it a practice
#11 Party and give thanks”….For more tips click here

(Resource –The Better Ways to Win a Grant Gary A. Carnow from Tech&Learning)

I hope you find the tips helpful,

Devin Willis



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