How does your company rate in each of the four areas?

I found a great post “The 4 top productivity drivers by Miki Saxon 2008  that I wanted to share
“…..Doing more for less. Productivity is always important, but it’s especially critical as the economy toughens.

The 40 year-old Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) is the world’s largest private network of corporations focused on improving workforce productivity.

Although i4cp requires membership to access much of its data, the Trendwatcher archives are free and loaded with useful information.

The research that caught my eye shows that “the most productive organizations furthest outstripped the average ones graph.jpgin four areas:

* Culture: 79% of the most productive organizations say that, to a high or very high degree, the cultures of their organizations help raise employee productivity.

* Leadership: 76% of highly productive companies said that, to a high or very high extent, leadership in their companies raises productivity.

* Employee engagement: 59% of highly productive organizations use engagement practices to a high or very high extent. Engagement means that workers are mentally and emotionally invested in their work and in contributing to their employer’s success.

* Employee health/wellness programs: Although It could be an anomaly, “People like to work for organizations that send strong signals that they care for their employees. These particular programs may be sending those signals more than most other types of initiatives do,” For more great information visit –The Leadership Turn Blog

I ask myself , What can I do in my areas of responsibilities at home and Prosper Inc. to improve productivity. What can you do?

Humbly submitted ,

Devin Willis

Resources that may be helpful

Leader vs. manager 5/7 -by Miki Saxon on May 6th, 2008-Post from Leadership Turn

Prosper Inc. Founded in 1999, Prosper Inc. is a leader in results-based, one-on-one coaching. Every week Prosper conducts over 1,500 coaching sessions with students around the world. To date, they have helped more than 150,000 students in seventy-six countries.


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One response to “How does your company rate in each of the four areas?

  1. Devin, I’m glad you enjoyed the article and hope that you and your readers will find time to return.

    The link in my name is to a second blog I write that may also be of interest. It focuses on creating and sustaining good cultures, which are the foundation of all that happens in a company, organization or home.

    I have recommend your blog to my friends and fellow managers.

    Thank you,

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