How can you become a Great Leader!

Are You a Great Leader?

In the book From the Top:  The Search for America’s Best Business Leaders, a few  key traits for great leaders:

You must have a vision.  Not only must you have a vision, you have to communicate that vision to your people.  Of course, you have to keep the vision in mind all the time.  You should update it periodically and involve your staff in the process.

You must have passion. the book points to Christopher Columbus and Leif Ericsson as examples of passionate leaders who led their men into dangerous and difficult situations.

You must learn to be a great decision maker. Use the Q-CAT system:
( I was taught to call it fast think)

* Q=Quick.  Be quick but not hasty.
* C=Committed.  Be committed to your decision, but not rigid.
* A=Analytical.  Be analytical, but don’t over-analyze.
* T=Thoughtful.  Be thoughtful about all concerned.

You must be a team builder. To become a great leader, you must develop a great team; a well-run machine.

You must have character. Without this one, you might as well forget the first four.

I feel lucky to be working with a company that has great leaders! Ethan Willis and Randy Garn and the rest of our Executive Team have the above traits!

Devin Willis

Resource that may be helpful

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July 24, 2008 (


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