Are You going to force your kids to Graduate? Will this help them Prosper and Learn?

Yesterday , I was asked if I was going to force my five kids to go to college ? My answer shocked this person when I said “no”. This person stated “don’t you know without an education your kids will fail? I just smiled and excused myself and left the conversation.

How many times were you told that a college degree was a must  for a good career ? Now , I am not saying anything is wrong with getting a degree, but it is not a “golden ticket” In fact , Trent stated some interesting facts,  we should at least realize:

“…I intend to encourage their critical thinking skills as much as I can and try to expose them to as many areas as possible while still at home. They’ll try musical instruments, various art forms, sciences of all kinds, and so on, and we’ll see where their natural magnet leads them.

I’m also going to strongly encourage them to be entrepreneurs in their spare time, from selling lemonade to mowing lawns. Or maybe even starting their own blogs – I’ve discovered some amazingly successful bloggers early in their teen years….” See the entire Post at- Is College Really Necessary For All High School Graduates? : The Simple Dollar

In our family growing up , we had a saying :

“If you have will there is a way ,” if there is a way, there is a Willis!”

We were taught to be an strong advocate for all people, no matter what their status or race, learn at high levels and that all things are really possible that is why ,all of us following or parents example and helping others through creative ways, most of us didn’t need their college education and become successful entrepreneurs!

However, IT MUST be noted all of us have learned the principles from “prosper learning” high quality programs and have found Success . our families success Here are a few of them, both contemporary and from the past,.

Brent and Phelecia Hatch– Phelecia is my sister and is a wonderful mother and friend. Brent who has been a successful entrepreneur in many areas! But the project I love the best is “Raising a G-Rated Family in an X-Rated World.” (

Damon Willis– He opened an successful L.A Boxing in Orem Utah. he is an associate instructor under Master Toddy and an Instructor under Willis Combative s. He also has a great instructor who also teaches at his gym named Chuck Costello :: MMA Professional Trainer And Fighter! see Orem :: LA BOXING Instructors

He has over 500 members and enjoys working with his staff to give them the best training anywhere!

Ethan Willis -is one of the founding partners of Prosper , Inc. ( and Chief Executive Officer and a member of the board of directors. Ethan is responsible for the development of the company’s core business model-providing leadership in the advancement of outcome-oriented education.

During his time at Prosper, Ethan has founded three other companies:, a leader in online lead generation; TSN, an online business tutorial with over 20,000 members; and Education Success Inc., which has sold more than 400,000 downloadable business courses.

Ethan is coauthor, with New York Times bestselling author Ken Blanchard, of The One Minute Entrepreneur:

I have taught Self Protection to many people though the last 20 years. Julie (My wife) and I helped co-invented the Guardian Keychain that is being used all over the world by thousands of people. Our goal in developing the Guardian was to make it easy , effective and affordable.

We also donate key chains and training to groups that need them(low income-womens group)Please contact me via the website or this blog;0)

What are your thoughts?

Devin Willis



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13 responses to “Are You going to force your kids to Graduate? Will this help them Prosper and Learn?

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  2. Devin,

    So do you think entrepreneurial is in family genes?

    The Entrepreneurial Gene
    11/ 21/ 2006
    by Lena Basha

    Uncovering the childhood experiences that shape successful small-business owners

  3. So you would think that as a child you’d breed businesses. Yes and on your own, never talked business or destiny to any of the kids.

    It seems more like up bringing to me

  4. “Ethan Willis” discovered he was entrepreneur at age 8 and hasn’t slowed down since.

    I think Ethan has the entrepreneurship “gene,” and so does his brothers “Devin Willis” and “Damon Willis” I know, they have an ideas on how to make the world a better place.
    Cathy White
    eLearning Advocates

  5. “Genes May Influence Who Becomes an Entrepreneur”

    When it comes to being an entrepreneur, said scientists on Monday, forget family influence and upbringing — as genes seem to play an important role.

    A study of identical twins by researchers in Britain and the U.S. suggests family environment has little influence because nearly half of a person’s propensity to be self-employed, or entrepreneurial, is due to genes, reports Reuters.

    By comparing self-employment in 609 pairs of identical twins, who share all the same genes, and 657 pairs of non-identical twins, scientists at Imperial College, London and Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland analyzed the impact of genetics and environment on entrepreneurs. The rate of entrepreneurs among twins was found to be the same as in the general population. Identical twins increased the odds of their twins following the same path more than non-identical twins, which suggests genes are important.

    “Evidence has shown that genetic factors influence a variety of business-related areas from job satisfaction to vocational interests and work values,” said Professor Tim Spector of St Thomas’ Hospital in London.

  6. Please read Scott Shane’s article “Born Entrepreneurs?” from
    Startup Trends on February 25, 2008.

    Bill Iree

  7. I think it may be a combination;0)”There still may be a predisposed to entrepreneurship based on environment and

    In the case of studies involving human twins, it’s especially difficult to separate the genetic factors from the common, environmental factors, adds Gorelick.

    Most identical twins, he observes, are subject to much more similar environments, including clothing, than are any other siblings. So the question becomes: Is a common trait amongst twins, such as predisposition to entrepreneurship, due to common genes or to a common environment?

    The only real way to tell is to look at twins who were separated at birth, one expert stated in an article.

    So it would appear that any “success genes” may be limited to the realm of imaginative speculation. But is there a certain psyche that’s predisposed to entrepreneurship? Is there such a thing as a winning personality type?

  8. jamesbr42

    All I can say is that with in the Willis family there seems to be “success genes” and predisposed to entrepreneurship!

    It seems that I always knew some people are genetically predisposed to greatness

    Devin Willis, Damon Willis and Ethan Willis , show leadership, initiative and drive.


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  12. “Damon willis” def. Mike darcy via RNC tapout at 0.31 into rnd 1

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