“MeetInnovators + Ethan Willis”

There was a great interview done  with Ethan Willis. He stated

“…Number one is getting good people to manage the employees. Number two is hiring good people from the beginning…” and  “…A lot of companies become bureaucratic because they are trying to set up systems and processes to manage the wrong people. If you can have the right people who believe in what you’re trying to do and who have the right philosophy, the culture of the business will often manage itself. Then it’s all about fostering that culture…” see Ethan Willis from Prosper, Inc.-MeetInnovators CEO Club

The above interview gives insight to how Prosper inc. can help people, so effectively. And in my humble opinion is the reason is the best in the educational industry!  When you “talk to Prosper CEO Ethan Willis,” you come a way better when you leave him!



Ethan Willis Can Help You Become a Better Teacher?- Becky

Changing lives, One Student At A Timethe article  that was selected to appear in the August 2006 issue of the national magazine, U.S. Business Review in an article entitled “Investing in Tomorrow”.

Eric Bryant shared “Attributes of Successful Entrepreneurs” in his wonderful blog — July 30, 2008…-Past posts on this blog”My Travel’s on the Roads in how to Prosper and Learning”

One of my Favorite Blogs, The Entrepreneurial Mind Will Join Several Others-July 28, 2008..-Past posts on this blog”My Travel’s on the Roads in how to Prosper and Learning”

“Prosper Learning’s” Information Sheet-

Blogs about: “Ethan Willis”

Ethan WillisLatest post was updated: made by Anonymous

Ethan Willis and E-strengths assessment helps Martial Artists -July 18, 2008- James ” Martial Arts blog’

Outstanding Young AlumniBYU-Idaho Alumni Association-Randy Garn and “Ethan Willis”



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9 responses to ““MeetInnovators + Ethan Willis”

  1. Prosper CEO Ethan Willis, has proved to be an effective leader! It will be interesting track his progress

  2. Looking forward to a future with no debt and a return to simple living!!!!

  3. p b

    I loved reading the post about Ethan Willis from Prosper, Inc.MeetInnovators.com interview http://tinyurl.com/6yhsm8

  4. Steven Gross

    Ethan is a great example of leadership. I have know Ethan personally and professional for quite some time. His desire and perserverance to create vision for Prosper Inc, never ceases to amaze me. Even in the early years of Prosper to now, he is and will remain a grand figure in the business world. His desires to bring students to realize their dreams through one-on-one coaching has touched the lives and families of thousands and thousands throughout the world. It’s great Prosper leadership that Ehtan exemplifies, that will drive Prosper to be “the” leader in the education arena. What a privilege to be part of that team.

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  6. jamesbr42


    I loved the article “MeetInnovators + Ethan Willis” It showed a lot of the MKF principles

    My notes from a MKF class in 1986:

    Devin- “…it is important to get the best people to manage and teach the others and. bringing on the correct people from the beginning…If we have the right people who believe in what we are doing with MKF who have the right philosophy, the culture of MKF. Then it’s all about growing that culture…”

    I think Ethan is a better business person then you! That is not a slam, because you are a genie, when it comes to martial arts!


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