The “Guardian Self Defense Key Chain’ + Family Success

We are truly blessed as a family! My  key chains are selling  to security, law enforcement ! it was born with a simple idea. To help others defend themselves for a cost that anyone can afford.

When used correctly, the the Guardian keychain can be devastating tool of self defense with potential to seriously injure and incapacitate an attacker or suspect. For that reason, it should only be used in situations where you reasonably believe the attack is serious and life threatening.

I truly believe that my family are successful because of the teachings from Ethan Willis , Randy and Aaron and Prosper Learning!


Devin Willis


More than 40,000 Students in Over 72 Countries–  have been in a personal coaching programs to help you educate people in  Entrepreneurship, E-Commerce, Financial, Stock Market and Real Estate

Ethan Willis– Chief Executive Officer – Ethan Willis is one of the founding partners of Prosper Learning He is the Chief Executive Officer and a member of the board of directors. Ethan is responsible for the development of the company’s core business model-providing leadership in the advancement of outcome-oriented education.

Blogs about: Helpful Tips Prosper

Getting Started in Online Marketing Andrew Melchior From 2005 through 2008 he served as the eCommerce Division Manager at  Prosper Learning and was a great asset to our students and company . “..In addition to his consulting and teaching experience, Andrew also owns,,,,, and many other traffic generation websites and blogs. He is experienced in all aspects of eCommerce and his strengths lie in search engine optimization, customer acquisition, web design and branding, online marketing strategies, networking, joint ventures, business management, product sourcing, traffic conversion, and customer management…”

Free Advice From Prosper Learning and Others-James–Modern Kung fu Blog



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3 responses to “The “Guardian Self Defense Key Chain’ + Family Success

  1. n today’s society self-defense has become a survival tool. Rape. Robbery. Abduction. Victims. These are words used everyday in cities throughout the country. No woman is immune to these types of occurrences!

  2. Devin

    Thank you for teaching about 100 singles here in Utah! It was great and helpful.

  3. The Willis family is talented ! but their cousins are as well an example is links for learning

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