Many Fun and Unique Search Engines For Success!

Alisa Miller share’s these unique Search engines:

  1. Cute little Ms. Freckles gives you all the tools to conduct a meta search here.
  2. Kart00: Here, you have the option of only searching English pages or the entire web.
  3. Gimpsy: Gimspy specializes in “active sites for active people.” You can search by verb or action, by filling in the sentence “I want to…”
  4. This site is a link directory for Google’s custom search engine.
  5. Rollyo: This highly customizable search engine lets you enter a keyword or phrase and then select specific categories to search, like travel and hotels, health, celebrity gossip and more.
  6. Ms. Dewey: Your off-the-wall host Ms. Dewey flirts, sings and offers silly trivia or analysis while you search.
  7. Ulyssek Search Engine: You can view your results organized into categories on this site.
  8. Cha Cha: This creative search engine makes you feel like you’re sending a text from your cell phone when you search.
  9. FactBites: FactBites is “where results make sense” and is touted as a search engine crossed with an encyclopedia.
  10. Giga Blast: Giga Blast is still in beta form, but you can search websites, images and video.

Sue LeBeau has extensive list of search engines ect. Dr. Sue LeBeau extensive expernince “…in online education at higher education institutions and has over 30 years of experience teaching in the elementary and middle school grades in both the regular education and gifted classrooms.  She has also served as a technology advisor in several elementary schools, where she worked with students and teachers to integrate technology into the curriculum…” for more visit Cool Search Engines and Homework Helpers


TeachingTips.comby Alisa Miller

This list or Resources, I hope will help you on your Journey!by-Devin Willis

The Best Search Engines on the Web By Wendy Boswell,

The Top 100 Alternative Search Engines, August  by



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