Turn The Fear Into Action = Creating Opportunities…

I’ve been hearing and seeing from more and more friends and students  who are being into “transition” experiences. This helped turn the fear into action = creating  opportunities…   :

“…..Across the country and around the world, legions of people are abandoning their dependence on big business and seeking independence through their own enterprises. Every month, about 1 million Americans go through some type of job change or loss, and increasingly they are deciding to start their own businesses.

In a recent report titled Work, Entrepreneurship and Opportunity in 21st Century America, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said, “Millions of Americans are embracing entrepreneurship by running their own small businesses, through independent contracting or direct selling.” The report also cited a recent Gallup poll finding that 61 percent of Americans now say they prefer to be their own bosses…” See  “You Should Start Your Own Biz Today” by  Virtual Entrepreneur-August 1st, 2008 ( http://brazilbusiness.biz/ )


Success Magazine- Why You Should Start Your Own Business Today-Erin  Casey  John  David Mann  May 5, 2008  Categories: Business /Entreperneurship, Wealth /Retirement, Business, Wealth, Wealth /Money Making Ideas (http://www.successmagazine.com)

Success Magazine: Why You Should Start Your Own Business Today-Reprinted on http://www.cnbc.com

Why You Should Start Your Own Business Today-Wednesday, June 18, 2008- Aron Parker’s Blog  “Becoming Successful In Business & Life!”



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2 responses to “Turn The Fear Into Action = Creating Opportunities…

  1. jamesbr42

    The key to overcoming our fears is to feel good about ourselves and think positively. We can then begin to use the energy that fear creates positively in our lives. Only then can we turn indecision and fear into power and action.

  2. What’s financial success really worth? A quote from Bo Derek provides this perspective: “Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.”

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