This list or Resources, I hope will help you on your Journey!

Info and Reference Have fun looking at how the world around us works !!! But ”

“…Beyond Google, Wikipedia and other generic reference sites, the Internet boasts a multitude of search engines, dictionaries, reference desks and databases that have organized and archived information for quick and easy searches.

In this list, Laura Milligan compiled just 100 of our favorites, for teachers, students, hypochondriacs, procrastinators, bookworms, sports nuts and more.” see 100 Unbelievably Useful Reference Sites You’ve Never Heard Of from, I have also included my favorite below:

Newsmap – A wonderfully graphical – and customizable – display of news stories from around the world, it  is an application that visually reflects the constantly changing landscape of the Google News news aggregator.. ( )

Arts and Letters Daily – World-class articles from intellectual and influential journals around the world. Browse the day’s selections..
( )

Ask Philosophers -The academy comes to cyberspace. A panel of mainly American and British philosophy scholars answers questions sent in by the public. Search the database, from Abortion to War, or send in a question of your own.  ( )

Nationmaster –”..NationMaster is a web site that features a large database of variables for comparing countries. A wide range of demographic indicators are covered including literacy rates, taxation levels, and murders per capita. These are also available in pie charts, scatterplots, and correlations graphs…also see ( )

Wikipedia -Controversial, democractic,. make it your first port of call for looking something up. Just be sure to check somewhere else that what you find makes sense
( )

Wiktionary – Wikipedia’s online multilingual dictionary. Immensely powerful and far less controversial than its encyclopaedic forebear
( )

The Library of Congress – As the online rolodex of the Library of Congress, this site houses numerous reference materials, digitized collections, films—basically any content you’d ever want to find (

Project Gutenberg is the foremost online source for public-domain literature, with over 20,000 books available. Even better, titles from the entirely free eBook collection are downloadable to your PC.( (

Martindale’s ‘The Reference Desk’ -A very useful gateway to online reference tools in most fields; see the home page for a comprehensive list of topics. From the arts, business, science and technology, a authoritative conglomeration of data from around the world.( )

PubMed Free and authoritative database  that”..includes over 18 million citations from MEDLINE and other life science journals for biomedical articles back to the 1950s. PubMed includes links to full text articles and other related resources..” Not always easy to understand if you are not a medic, but a far better place to look for information than the random sites that come up on Google. ( ) -The internet’s version of your father , who always seems to know the answer to your questions. There are few subjects the site doesn’t tackle, though the coverage can be superficial. A good starting point for idle research ( )

XE – Currency converter covering every world currency. ( )

.Babelfish – translates speech from one language to another.. The results are sometimes a little strange, but you will usually get your message across.(

eHow – How to do just about everything, from getting stains off curtains to buying a second-hand car. (

The Straight Dope– (My favorite)- Every class had that kid: the one who would ask all the dumb questions you were dying to ask but felt too embarrassed to utter out loud. The Straight Dope is the grown-up, online version of that kid. Published in the Chicago Reader and penned by ghostwriters under the name Cecil Adams (aka “the smartest person in the world”), (

Snopes.-Before you forward that so-called “true” story that landed in your inbox this morning to everyone in your “Outlook”, you better check Snopes to make sure it’s not completely full of you-know-what. It’s an extensive index of urban legends, common fallacies(

How Stuff Works – Engaging encyclopaedia of the modern (and not so modern) world, with good illustrations and clear text. Explains hundreds of subjects, from car engines to  ESP, using tons of illustrations…( )

Design My Room – We are remodeling our home and this site provides the ability to redecorate your home in cyberspace. Choose colours, furniture, accessories and finishes and then publish the results online.( )

101 Cookbooks – My wife loves to cook and and loves this blog from a Californian cook who believes in good food. 101 Cookbooks has been featured in numerous newspaper articles and is a winner of numerous awards including the 2005 people’s choice Webby Award for best personal web site. ( )

Who What Wear Daily – Fashion tips, advice and suggestions. Includes Ask a Stylist for those tricky co-ordination problems and a What Was She Wearing? inquiry service to help you track down your favourite celebrity’s fashion choice.( )

Social Tools

Facebook – The most grown-up (just) of the social-networking sites that are fast taking over the world. Excellent for staying in touch with far-flung friends, though pretty good too for re-establishing contact with those you hoped you had lost. I have a one  and love it!!!! see me at here

( )

Twitter-Service for people to quickly communicate and stay connected with other users. You can follow specific people and see their Twitter messages. I use Twitter and enjoy it! – Organise your thoughts by creating mindmaps online and sharing them with others  ( )

Technorati – An intelligent, intuitive and inspiring way to read entries from some of the millions of blogs that dot the internet. You can browse by subject or area of interest, read the postings that are catching the world’s attention and bookmark blogs that catch your attention. And if you want to join in… ( )

Digg-A community driven social news site where users submit articles and the community votes them up or down. Articles are promoted to the main page at when they reach a certain threshold.(

LinkedIn-One of the original “social networks,” LinkedIn has been eclipsed in recent years by Facebook, even among adults and professional users. In the past year, LinkedIn had to scale back its revenue estimates, had its head of sales bolt for TheLadders, and is also seeing stagnating traffic growth. My Profile is here


Humbly presented,

Devin Willis


Mind Maps A Powerful Approach to Note Taking Related variants: Spray Diagrams, Spider Diagrams, Spidograms, Spidergrams and Mindmaps (

100 Unbelievably Useful Reference Sites You’ve Never Heard Of from, I

The 101 most useful websites-30/03/2008-Telegraph Media Group

PC Magazine’s  Top 100 Classic Web Sites in 2007. You’ll see a lot of familiar URLs on this list, and we hope there are also quite a few that you haven’t heard of before. (
Tools For Engaging In Social Media-Apr. 23, 2008  by Brent Csutoras-from Search Engine Land.

My Proven Research Resources That, When I Applied Them , Produce Positive Results !-(



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