Sports and Learning!

Management lessons learned from Sports

David Zinger share’s a list composed by Bruce Hale and David Collins in a chapter on Psyching Up for Rugby from their book, Rugby Tough. Although they talk about Rugby these lessons can be learned from many different sports.

Read the list of 26 possible life lessons below and determine if you have learned any of these life lessons, or if you have learned other unique lessons from sports:

  1. Performance under pressure
  2. Organization
  3. Meeting challenges
  4. Handling both success and failure
  5. Acceptance of others’ values and beliefs
  6. Flexibility and success
  7. Patience
  8. Risk taking

For the rest of the list click here

Over the year’s I learned much from the list

While learning and teaching martial arts. I know Ethan was a very good athlete  at football and baseball.

What lessons have you learned in a sport that helped you in life?

Take care,

Devin Willis


Get Psyched as a Managerby David Zinger on July 31st, 2008 Slacker Manager-


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  1. Erin

    Apparently, being active in sports may also be valuable when you’re all grown up. From the Wall Street Journal (hat tip to Capitalist reader Christopher):

    “Playing sports at least once a month may have as big an impact on your long-run earnings

    ( reference Those Who Play Sports Make More Money Than Couch Potatoes…:)

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