My Proven Research Resources That, When I Applied Them , Produce Positive Results !

My goal to to keep  myself and others up-to-dated with news, information, and tools that are vital to  my success These are some resources I use and wanted to share I will continue to Provide links to a collections of other news sources (newspapers, magazines, radio ect) you will find reports and articles relevant to our course of study.Research and keeping should be an integral part of everyone’s education.

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Devin Willis

Internet Happenings, Events and Sources– Marcus P. Zillman .  has made my job easier for putting resources together in a easy formate in one place so, it can find can be found, some information critical to improve lives of our students.“..Where do you find the most recent cutting-edge research? It is presented every day at scholarly conferences worldwide. Now you can have access to this hard to find scholarly work. All Academic provides access to free abstracts and downloadable PDF paper files. 

A small example of Free searches include:Business and Economic History-Papers Presented at the BHC Annual Meeting and Cato Journal-Cato Journal is America‘s leading free-market public policy journal. Every issue is a valuable resource for scholars concerned with questions of public policy, yet it is written and edited to be accessible to the interested lay reader.

Google to you by a resource you already trust, Google Scholar provides a broad spectrum of information such as peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts and other scholarly literature.

Center for Research Libraries-The Center for Research Libraries has a very diverse collection of research materials. You will find a database that includes a conglomerate of information from North American universities and independent libraries as well as foreign newspapers and dissertations, to name a few.

AJR NewsLink– An excellent directory of over 3,000 newspapers, magazines, broadcasters and other media-related sites available on the Internet.

Community Newspaper Holdings, Inc.-The website of this parent newspaper company includes a listing and links, where available, of more than 200 daily, semiweekly, and weekly community newspapers in 23 states.

E&P Media Links Online Media Directory–  This is an Interactive MediaInfo Links database. Editor & Publisher’s research department has developed a new database of all media with a Web presence. You will find associations, city guides, magazine, newspaper, news services and syndicates, radio and television Web sites in the new database… After doing a search, or browsing by media category or geographic region, you will get a list of sites with basic information about each site: the name of the publication or company, the name of the site, the city and state or country, the frequency of the publication (how often it is published) and the site type (i.e. business, general interest, sports).”

1st Headlines-“1stHeadlines provides a central location where a user can quickly scan headlines from over 300 top newspaper, broadcast and online news sources. The user can quickly view current news events from the regional perspective of multiple news organizations. 1stHeadlines is updated every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day.”Gebbie Press:

Metagrid -Metagrid has catalog all online publications for the Internet. You can search for newspapers and magazines  worldwide.Magazines are organized by topic and newspapers are organized by region. The site has both English and German versions.

Documents in the News is a website provided by The University of Michigan Government Documents center. This site “identifies issues about government making news headlines and web sources with additional information.” Taken from official sources, this page has full text documents on a wide variety of national and international topics such as: Yeltsin’s Resignation, Bosnia, the Oklahoma City Bombing, AIDS in Africa.


The Internet Public Library-founded by a class at the University of Michigan’s School of Information, and Michigan SI students almost exclusively generated its content and managed the Ask a Question reference service. On January 1, 2007, the IPL moved to Drexel University’s College of Information Science and Technology. Now, a consortium of colleges and universities with programs in information science is developing and maintaining the IPL!

101+ Web Resources for Students-Great list! for our adult learners  and and this wil save time

ResearchBuzz Produced by writer Tara Calishain, this site provides great coverage of news and opinion on search and research tools.



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