Does the Airlines and Prosper have things in common?

 yoda1presented by Student Care Manager (Yoda)

I found some interesting information on  The Employee Factor Blog -Judy McLeish wrote the following truths “..Someone from every company should read the article in the New York Times titled – “Airlines Learn to Fly on a Wind and an Apology”. We think this article is particularly timely as more and more companies are striving to deliver a better, more powerful customer experience. Southwest Airlines has someone in charge of Proactive Customer Communication. What does that mean? This individual spends “12-hour work days finding out how Southwest disappointed its customers and then firing off homespun letters of apology .” How  do you feel we could  use the suggested infomation ?


I am happy that we do a good job, but want to keep getting better!


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One response to “Does the Airlines and Prosper have things in common?

  1. nturley

    I think it’s a small act that goes a long way and simply shows that we really care. It lets the students know that we’re not just trying to get them off the phone when they call but that we really do want to help them with their questions and give them valuable solutions. I especially noticed the the word “homespun” which makes them feel that they aren’t just one in thousand of students. I think this would be a good thing to implement for at Prosper (and I say that knowing fully well that I would most likely be involved in this)

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