Dealing With Abusive Customers

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Sometimes you have to weigh  our company policy, customer/student requests,  when dealing  with angy and sometimes abusive customers in ESI and Prosper . When things turn ugly, what should you do with the customer? This post by   had some great insight and the comments  and may offer a great discussion on this topic with your team.  I put the phone on mute take a breath and rember the starfish story

 Please read this and let me know what your thoughts are?



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5 responses to “Dealing With Abusive Customers

  1. El Paletero

    When dealing with an angry customer or student one of the techniques that works for me is lowering my voice and letting the customer know that I am a human being also. Whenever they start using swear words I let them go off until they start repeating themselves and then I tell them Please don’t use those kind of words, we are both above that type of language. In a real soft voice so they know that I am here to sincerely help them. People usually start thinking about what they are saying and start realizing that they are not going to get anywhere with anyone with that type of language.
    We as customer service reps don’t know everything that is going on with the student/customer. We don’t know whether the student has had a bad day or something has happened with them, we just don’t know the circumstances behind the phone call. We need to be understanding and compassionate toward these students. Justin S.

  2. Jessica

    Dealing with Abusive customers is something that I have found I am not very good at. There is something about sitting quietly while someone is screaming at you for something you probably had no controll over that is very frustrating. I found this article helpful but wish that it had gone into more detail. I think that this would be a good topic to discuss within the team and see what other people do to deal with the “Abusive” customer. One thing that I have noticed is that usually the person just wants someone to vent to and the swear words are just them venting and expressing their frustration, whether it be with you or the company, or maybe something going on in their life at the moment. Sometimes I have found that they believe that if they scream at you you will probably give them what they want. I think that the key with these kind of customers is just to remain patient and realize that their yelling is not something you should take personal, and they are usually just frustrated.

  3. gwilber18

    I believe it is true. when dealing with angry customers its very dificult some times. I have found the best thing to do is just sit there and keep your cool. with that eventually they will realize they are doing the worng thing and they work towards being nicer and calmer so you can them can tlak about the situation and not make it into a bigger ordeal. I have found to alwys listen even if you have to bite your tounge and just take a punishment. with that it makes it more possible for both persons to walk away with a smile. I believe it comes into training and also from experiance. You have to work hard to discuss waht to do in a situation because you dont want to be the one who explodes on a customer and pays the price. Know what to do and be ready to do it. Thats my idea towards things.

  4. jiblanco

    This article gives alot of good ideas on dealing with angry customers. taught me alot of new things to help me deal with them. We sometimes get into the mentality that as soon as the customer starts screaming or raising their voice at us it gives us a good excuse to raise our voice. even when we know that they are not angry at the agent in particular but more at the product. Like the tips that it gives the agents on helping them stay calm during the call and how to assess the situation.

  5. I thought that this article gave some good information concerning difficult customers. Some times I have a real hard time when people hit me personally over the phone. I have found that if I remain calm and try to get the person focused on the solutions that I have for them things go a lot better. Its hard when they go in circles but the best way I have found and have been taught is to be straight forward and knock out the problems if that makes any sense.

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