Word Of Mouth For Student Care?

How to get the word out about Student Care by  marketing internally

From the her  blog, Kira Wampler, senior marketing manager for Intuit, shares her tips on how she garnered support for word of mouth marketing programs internally:

Tip #1. Identify mavens, connectors and sales

Network like crazy. Invite to lunch anyone who has even
remotely had anything to do with manking changes , in your area weather it be sales, programers ect

Kira identified a crew she called Intuit WOMmers who ended up being a sort of
internal support group for the company’s  initiatives.  We could use this to help  gain support for our students and  the things our students need.

Tip #2. Give them a home
Initial meetings were
one-to-one, but of course, word by mouth  is about many-to-many conversations. If your goal
is to rapidly expand and gain traction for your team and it’s goals  throughout the company, the word
must spread.


How to evangelize word of mouth marketing internallyKira Wampler


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