Great Firms Successfully Diagnose 77% Issues from Call Center

Research Finds that 75% of Companies that Use Proactive Problem Resolution in Their Call Centers Report Increased Customer Satisfaction

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Aberdeen research indicates that optimizing call center diagnostic and problem resolutions capabilities can yield annual savings of up to $4 million, yet most companies have not deployed solutions and technologies to enhance call center effectiveness, according to the newly published Aberdeen Group report, Shoring up the Front Lines of Product Service: The Call Center.

Fully 72% of polled companies report their top challenge in the call center is “inadequate information about service problems gathered at the time calls are logged.” However, tackling this obstacle can have a significant impact on the bottom-line. The report’s key findings state that the average cost of $209,when the problem was not resolved by the frontline tech and support center making the potential financial impact of resolving issues in the call center enormous. For us at Prosper, if our Frontline Student Care can not problem resolutions to download issue, product questions. Our protential costs are a refund requests and from the Sucess Network/ESI side a potential loss of a lead for the sales floor.

“Research shows that more than two-thirds of best-in-class companies that have empowered their call centers to be more proactive in problem diagnosis and resolution have seen such gains as improved customer satisfaction, a better customer-support reputation than their competitors, and faster problem resolution times,” says Michael Israel, Research Director, Service Chain Management Research at Aberdeen and co-author of the report.

Israel offers service organizations specific recommendations for improving call center effectiveness, which include the following:

  • Staff and train call center agents with the appropriate skills to support both past and new products.
  • Invest in technology enablers to facilitate the call centers’ for problem resolution capabilities.

Shoring up the Front Lines of Product Service: The Call Center examines the financial, operational, and customer-facing benefits resulting from improving call center processes and automation strategies, as well as the steps that leading service organizations are taking to achieve top- and bottom-line gains.


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