Avoiding Student Blues

Shh… Listen , you are on T.V

The AOL customer service representative first tried to tell customer, who wanted to cancel he was making a terrible mistake. Then it statrted to esclated to being scolded him vigorously even as the customer Mr.Ferrari repeatedly requested that he “cancel the account.”

Ferrari recored and posted the phone call to his blog, Insignificantthoughts, where it was picked up by myriad other blogs and Web sites. He since has appeared on CNN and the “Today” show to talk about the phenomenon of the phone call and the frustration of customer service.

(By Devin Willis)

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At almost the same time, Brian Finkelstein, the Washington writer of Snakesonablog.com, had a video camera running when a Comcast technician fell asleep on his couch during a service call. He posted the video to his blog and to Youtube.com, where hundreds of thousands saw it.

Ben Popken, editor of the Web site Consumerist.com has been tracking both stories and says audio-visual evidence put together by customers is going to shame companies into better service. (It is to bad companies have to be shamed into provideding better service)

In fact he suggests the following:

“…Recently we’ve gotten a flurry of emails asking how to record customer service calls..”

” …You can use Skype along with an audio recording program like Hotrecorder, Audacity or Garageband (Mac) or Audio Hijack (OSX). Make the call with Skype and hit record. Upload the mp3 file to a hosting service like Putfile, or just email it to us.

You can also use your landline with a device like the Mini Recorder Control from Radio Shack. Plug it into the phone, and into the microphone slot on your computer. Record… upload…

We recommend the Skype method, though, as it tends to produce better audio. — BEN POPKEN

“…You can also use GrandCentral (free), which, in addition to creating one master number for all your phones, lets you record calls just by pressing 4..”

This seems to be working because before one or two bad calls you could make it up in volume; what was one or two bad calls to the bottomline ? Well, if two or three customers happened to have a audio recording running, of one call that could be the story on CNN or FOX.

“…Popken and other customer-service experts offered some tips on getting satisfaction with a consumer complaint.

The best kind of Student Care happens when we enable the customer with the sense of control. I believe and trust: A)our students/customers will not take advantage of the situation; B), and trust our employees with this empowerment. This allows the quality of our customer / student care will be great; if this standrad is not followed, we will be at best good smileysparkle.gif


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  1. gwilber18

    This topic of keeping up with the customer service is true. If you don’t reat them well you won’t get additional customers to your bussiness. Its smart to know what you can do and waht you can’t do. So stay on top of it and don’t fall a sleep while on the phone. And don’t explode on them either. Stay cool and they will understand teh situation.

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